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Vietnam Country and Culture

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Vietnam Essay

Vietnam has a huge population and it measures to be around 95,414,640. That is way more than california’s population only being 37,253,956 as of now. The capital of vietnam is called Hanoi, Hanoi is known for its architecture and a rich culture with Southeast Asian, Chinese and French impact. Vietnam’s four largest cities are Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Haiphong. If the population of these cities were to merge, the population would be 6,253,789. Also the money/currency that they use is called Vietnamese dong. One u.s dollar is equivalent to 22642.50 Vietnamese Dong.

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Some good attractions in Vietnam are Hoan Kiem Lake, Thien Mu Pagoda and Halong Bay. Hoan Kiem Lake is located in Hanoi which is the capital of vietnam. Thien Mu Pagoda is located in Hue and it is a city in central Vietnam.Then, Halong Bay is in northeast Vietnam and it is known for its emerald waters and thousands of limestone islands topped by rainforests. The top accommodation in Vietnam is called Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi by popularity.

Vietnam has reached great results in literacy reaching to be 90% in just primary education. For adults and youth together, they would make the percentage go up to be 94%. For languages in vietnam, the percentage of people who speak vietnamese is 90 to 85% and the remaining 10% to 15% come from other backgrounds. Children must at least complete their secondary education to move farther. Students are not free to choose what they study. They have to complete all their courses that need to be completed.

Agricultural products accounted to be around 30% of exports in vietnam.The agricultural products vary to be rice, cotton, peanuts, rubber, sugarcane and tea. Gross national product in vietnam increased to 3977610.00 VND billion. The per capita income in vietnam is 5,070 PPP dollars. In cambodia the per capita is only 2,890 PPP dollars. Vietnam’s per capita income is way more than cambodia’s income. Vietnam people in the urban areas, live like any other country, except only about 30% of the population of vietnam lives in urban area, they usually live in cramped apartments, some cities such as Ho Chi Minh, or Hanoi is mainly a urban area. People lives in villages in rural area, which is about 70% of the vietnamese populations, 60% of Vietnamese Workforce is farmers, where they grows food for their families, and hoping to make some money by moving to the cities and selling them at farmer’s markets.

Vietnam’s customs follow Buddhism, and Confucianism, focuses on five different subjects, such as Ruler and Subject, Husband and Wife, Parents and Children, Brothers and Sisters, Friend and Friend, it stress duty, loyalty, honor, respect for age and seniority. Buddhism believe in a spiritual path, led by Buddha Shakyamuni in ancient India, as purified the mind, into a peaceful state of mind, removing any negative affects. You can have face, or lose faces in vietnam, you have to compliment people, or business, to receive faces.

Some of vietnam most populars dish, is Pho, which people usually eat with “bo”, which is beef, and I see it like the equivalent of ramen or italian pasta. Other foods such as Banh Cuon, or Rolled Rice Pancake, which is a soft like roll that contained diced up meats, veggies, and includes condiments such as hot nuoc mam (fish sauce), vegetable side condiment plate where it has several vietnamese vegetables such as mints. We have a vietnam war memorial, located in Hanoi which is our capital. Vietnam is one of the least religious country, however some still have beliefs, and some of the major religion is Buddhism, Caodaism and Confucianism. Many of these religions respect, and have standards for family, which is why etiquette is so valuable.

Vietnam believe in Confucianism, and Buddhism, which Buddhism is created by Shakyamuni Buddha, who was a monk that came to vietnam in early time, he believed in meditations, and a spiritual path, which many vietnamese monks started meditating and practicing his teachings. Confucianism doesn’t always have to be perceived as a religion, they could be a ideology or a philosophy, who he wanted to understand everything, using old teachings back then, to understand the roots of cultural ceremonies. Both religion don’t usually believe it ultimate goal, the ultimate entity is god, even though they worship creators of that religions, both religion main purpose is to achieve a more positive, or ethical way of life.

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Forms of Vietnamese music include hat cheo (traditional folk opera), hat tuong (classical drama), hat cai luong (modern theater), quan ho (folk songs, with dialogues sung between women and women), and more variations of regional folks songs. The first Vietnamese Television was aired around 1966, when the American setup a American channel and a Vietnamese Channel to send out announcements. VTV is the main channels for vietnamese television, and contains many version of popular Vietnamese-versions of US shows shows, such as, Vietnam Idol, Vietnam’s Got Talent, or The Voice of Vietnam.

Nobody had really known the origin of Vietnam, however in mythology, “Huong Vuong” was rumored to be the first ruler of Vietnam, during 111 B.C. and China ruled 111 B.C. until the 15th century, which was 1000 years of control of Vietnam, during the age of exploration, independent kingdoms unified which begins the start the independence of Vietnam.

The Size and area of Vietnam is 128,455mi2. The continent that Vietnam is located in is Asia. The climate of Vietnam has a temperate region meaning it lies between the polar and tropic regions of the Earth. The changes between winter and summer are moderate. It has a high rate of rainfall, high humidity, and a considerable amount of sun.These are the political features of the country Vietnam.

The population of people in Vietnam is 89.71 million and the capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. Hanoi is known for their old architecture that are centuries old in Vietnam. Some large cities in Vietnam are Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Haiphong. The unit of money currency in Vietnam that is used in daily life is Dong, these are the political features of Vietnam.

The President or the head of the state in Vietnam is Tran Dai Quang. Some army forces is the ministry of Vietnam, the people’s army of Vietnam, and the Vietnam border defence force. The crime rate of corruption and bribery in Vietnam is high and the crime rate of property crimes such as vandalism and theft is moderate. The safety issues is pick pocketing, guns are illegal so they are thieves are usually unarmed except for a knife and such, trafficking illegal drugs come with a severe punishment if caught. Some courts of Vietnam are the Judicial system, supreme court, and the Justice system. The current type of government in Vietnam is led by a one party system which is also led by the communist party of Vietnam.


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