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Examining The Importance Of Computer Technology Information Technology Essay

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Why is the future of computer technology an important role in the society. Here are few of the reasons why it is an important role to the society. First it is important to the educational field, for the reason that most of what we do is based on computers. Second it is important to the business field; because it can help with the speed accuracy and relevant so that businesses can grow and less expenditure. Third; technically speaking it is important to our economy for the speed the connection around the world and also the communication. Lastly; technology is one of the important roles in our environment. What I mean by that is that technology helps us to maintain our environment by reducing wastes for example; papers, plastic etc. Now those are some of the importance and also the advantages of the technology. Technology also has its disadvantages and here are some.

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We all know that technology grow everyday and people inventing are just eager to invent the most compatible and reliable gadgets to be used by the end users, which is good but at the same time it has its disadvantages here are some of the disadvantages of the technology. The technology makes kids these days lazy and can place children at risk for harmful effects on their physical, social, and psychological development. Children need physical activity, social interaction, and the love and guidance of caring adults to be healthy, happy, and productive. Nowadays businesses are mostly connected to internet and do business online which is good; however there are people out there scamming people with fake businesses online and hackers to hack into your system and steal information or money. The use of computer also results into unemployment as computer can perform the task that might need nearly six to seven workers. Unemployment is likely to result into crimes. Continuous work with computer causes loss of eyesight in the long run. Internet, which is widely used to see pornographic scenes, will lead to sex violence’s and more. To conclude it even though technology has its downside I still think that in the future it will be beneficial to our society and environment.

The Future of Computer Technology

Computer technology is spreading all over the world. Even though it might have few disadvantages but the advantages are still spectacular and very useful to our society. First up is the education field, in the United States Department of Education researched that children tend to learn more with computers than by reading books or do research using encyclopedias. Computers have ways to crab student’s attention by the animated graphics, sound and colors. It also allow student to communicate with their friends, families and the world. In addition educational field, computer is one of the must to know basic because everything we do is somehow related to computer and the technology. (Mr.Pandy’s article published 2010) states that “the importance of computers in school will help students prepared and shape up for the future of technologies”. He also says in his article that “students who have knowledge in computer will have better chances of job opportunities” than others that don’t have experiences in computers. Technology in the classroom is not just for the students. Teachers can use the technology to keep student records, plan lessons, communicate with parents that will save them time, or going around with heavy books, chalk, pen, papers etc. so the role of computer technology in the educational field is massive and still eager for more knowledge about the technology world.

Majority of businesses today relies on the computer technology in so many ways. Like the convenience of the business, few years ago when you walk in to a office you see a lot of filing cabinet or drawers, fax machines, typewriters and papers all over the place. Today’s office relies on a computer that you can send anything anytime store all your data or information on the external hard drive of computers, also you can just type and print using the computer. Computer helps us in many ways and businesses too. Computer technology also helps us in accuracy and time in the business and the offices. For example; the auditor, accountant, and finance there are numerous software for that kind of job that can help with the accuracy of the data and lessen the paper usage that will help our environment. Another importance of the computer and the business is the communication. These days communication is been one of the best thing that has happened in our life. Communication through internet has helped the business in so many ways like meetings, information, updates, expenditures and more. You can set up a meeting with your staffs via web conference like you’re sitting next to them. It also saves you time and money for traveling around the globe just for meetings or letters and also it updates you on what’s happening in the world. Like (Scholasticus 2010) says, “using computers in today’s business has enhanced the performance of employees” and the business.

According to (Geeta Dhavale 2010) she says that “computers are widely used in all the hospitals for numerous purposes apart from administration, accounting, billing, and appointments. It literally helps doctors in performing various surgeries; especially laparoscopic surgeries are possible because of computers where doctors insert the medical tools and small camera and conduct an operation with the help of computers monitors.” Even X-rays, CT scan, Ultrasound etc they are all computer based. (Evens) says, that Computers are also important on the medicine field for the analysis part so that it will save time and will help you to find a cure for a specific illness. It also important for the doctors so that they can communicate via internet to see the latest updates on the medical field and also be able to do web conferencing with other doctors around the globe.

To conclude it, computer technology has been spectacular for these past few years, by being as huge as a room to the size of a book. The importance of computer technology in our society and environment keeps expanding both needs and wants. Elementary schools, high school, college, universities, businesses are both connected to the use of computer and tend to want more. Information Technology programmers have been working finding a way to create the most compatible technology that the end user will be satisfied with it and yet it will all trace back to computers. See computer technology has its disadvantages but the advantages are far better and useful in our lives, it helps us with the speed time, accuracy and relevant. The speed of sending a message via internet is a matter of minutes and at the same time it saves your time. In the business field and medical field, and the NASA accuracy is their life they cannot afford to make mistakes and that is when the computer comes in handy to help them do the job. To summarize all the information and research are all relevant and useful for the society. Even though computer technology has its disadvantages but still the advantages of computer technology and its future will help our society and will save many life.


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