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Green Computing Is The Study Information Technology Essay

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Wordcount: 3001 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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This paper describes the main interaction with green resources of power energy in schools which is an Interesting topic nowadays because it can make us greener and meant for the development of economy and society. Reporting on results from research performed on green computing in educational systems to study the substantial strategy for implementing the green resources. Computing technology can help us save energy, reduce energy consumption the articles, however, vary in their definitions and explain the Practice of Efficient and Eco-Friendly Computing Resources, referred by Chakra borty, and Bhattacharya. These interactions are more similar to the other observed journal Innovative CS Capstone Projects on Green Energy Applications with WSN in a Box .Most of the phases are described in improving technology volume at several ends, also determined the working of the green resources in educational; systems. Some different papers produced different scenario in observing the measurable segments in schools, they offer a variation in application. Ongoing research reported the segmental variations of the green technology.


Green computing invention has influenced many desktop computers energy with no virtual impact and no high investments for the users. Green computing in Educational systems is a new approach for implementing a new practice of using the subsystems. The energy costs soaring to

record levels, taking steps to reduce energy consumption isnt just good for the environment as it creates the healthy environment for schools. To avoid the phases of destruction the initial attempt to be implemented is diagnosing the power consumption of the current IT systems is the first step in figuring out which systems are taking up the most energyand determining which systems can be placed in idle mode when they are not being used. Solving the problem may impact not only on energy but understanding how much power is being consumed is a big part of It is estimated that, in an entire data center, the actual IT systems account for 45 percent of energy use.

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The Educational Systems like rural schools in particular are affected by todays high gas prices and energy costs, because some students might ride an hour or longer on their way to school but to some extent this approach may be back lagging some students, Provided that students have access to technology at home, virtual schooling can help cut gas and electricity consumption. Green computing enables to meet the criteria of accessing cost-effective, energy-efficient, flexible, secure & stable solutions while being environmentally responsible for

Improving the Benefit from energy efficient technology, products & services, Reduce data center energy consumption, Maximize cooling and power efficiency, Optimizing IT Infrastructure.

Implementations of green technology In educational systems F:green computing related topicseducation systems.bmp

Green schools create healthy environments conducive to learning while saving energy, resources, and money (view link: http://www.usgbc.org/ShowFile.aspx?DocumentID=6427 pg: 44) the above link shows one of the education system which has implemented green computing at various sites. It is important for us to know how much percent the schools are making use of energy it can be calculated as, Elementary schools – 70,000 to 150,000,Middle schools 100,000 to 200,000, High schools – 200,000 to 650,000[ note : The range is choose from one of

The green technology has improved number of schools; the huge variety of computers with accessories use power, all those hand held devices need to be recharged .A reasonable question arises whether ,Do students think about how much power they are using, Are the educational systems are aware that they are educating students regarding environmental cost of computing? Though it is easy job for a student to find the related information regarding consuming energy and other related stuff like how well the usage of computer resources are done, but it is more important rather than collecting information but how quite we act on it.

The widening evolution of green computing has slowly invoked educational systems, since virtually all education systems are concerned about issues of sustainability in some way, many are looking at this with a wider focus and have not yet put information about green computing on their web sites. From the survey it is clearly stated that the usage of the computer can be done through quick and rather clicking in several ways through turning off the computer after usage, or, not using screen saver n saving on paper when printing and by clicking it takes one to more detailed information, including information on saving power by changing light bulbs and stop using mini refrigerators

F:green computing related topicssideshows.bmp

The increasing progresses of creating a greener society which endeavors the restriction of natural resources cannot be complete the green technology In educational societies. As the green environment endorses the existences, the benefits and energy savings by adapting the new technologies for more secure designs in educational environment. The perceptive of such implementing is to make the present systems to certain energy-savings and by following the green life style. The evaluation of green technology in a school campus can be featured (view:http://www.brighthub.com/environment/greencomputing/articles/10576.aspx)

Amount of natural ventilation and daylight allowed in school building interiors to reduce energy consumption Utilization of recyclable building materials like asphalt for school courtyards and recycling of construction related and maintenance-created waste materials. For evaluating green technology eventually leads to the creation of more successful green environment and saving practices, As a positive approach there are more chances of adopting such practices since most of the educational systems have financially benefit from adhering to green technology. The usage of eco-friendly technologies is a mutual benefit to both the school administrators and environment

Here are the measures for schools where there is high saving of the energy F:green computing related topicsmeasure.bmp

Solar shades can be installed in classrooms ” this helps to restrict the rise in temperatures due to solar heat by reducing the glare, which helps to reduce artificial cooling needs

Fluorescent lamps and CFL lighting systems can be used to provide equally high wattage but by using comparatively lesser amount of electrical energy

Caulking and re-buffering of school doors/windows ” this makes the school interiors more weather-resistant and ensures that the effectiveness of artificial heating/ventilating resources is maximized

Using Occupancy Sensors” they help to ensure that artificial lights are , automatically switched-off when the classrooms are not occupied

Ensuring routine maintenance practices such as creation of weekly reports to evaluate which part of the school building is unable to keep-up with the energy-saving methodologies

Use of radiant barriers for school water heaters ” this simple eco-green fitting insulates the water tank so that the water inside remains hot for a longer period of time

Developing rainwater harvesting in-and-around the school campus to use this recyclable resource for non-drinking purposes.

F:green computing related topicsawareness.bmp PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE IMPLEMENTATIONS OF GREEN TECHNOLOGY

In recent times the evolution of green technology has lessen experiences, but the substantial contribution and practice execution of the green computing methods have worked for environmental-friendly alternatives, though facing such misconceptions regarding the green technology, they believed that paper free approach through people may bring new culture to society saving the trees and hence, assisting in environment conservation about the paper-free advantages of the computing environment fail to realize that in the current scenario, the use of computers is actually increasing the demands on the ecosystem. There are simple methods of developing PC environment that actually reduces the consumption of power and is greener, Use flat-screen monitors that use substantially lesser energy than CRTs. Similarly, laptop models are known to use lesser energy than the conventional desktop models.

The is turning off the computer means consuming more power , it doesn’t make sense to switch-off your PC for every moment that you are going to be away from the desk, but leaving it on for substantial periods of time, based upon a detrimental supposition just doesnt make sense.( yang, L) Screen savers and idling computers make use of lesser energy the use of power even with screen savers is at par or maybe even a bit more than a system that is being actively used. By using the Plan computer- related functions which will enable to use the PC in a more organized manner. (Chia) Using the Standby/Sleep mode more often to ensure that you waste minimum electricity ” some folks believe that the efforts of an individual aren’t worthy of making a substantial effect to the cause of conserving the environment. Unless, this mistaken perception is resolved, the best of green computing efforts can deliver very little utility. The efforts of an individual aren’t worthy of making a substantial effect to the cause of conserving the environment.

F:green computing related topicsother side shows.bmp

Awareness-practical techniques that can engage faculty and students, enabling Green computing to be integrated into the classroom and research laboratory. Analysis and empirical evaluation of each reported technique is given, comparing the efficiency of each in terms of energy .Supporting approaches for the powering computers using green technology(electricity) generated from the solar, wind, bio-fuels and others which may lessen the polluted atmosphere i.e., green house gases, usage of electrical devices remain more cost effective. There is a simple measures of using the systems via using the electronic handouts, HTML for instance, online forms, tests and online quizzes, avoid printing is beneficial to reduce The waste of the energy use. It is possible to reduce power use by nearly 97% when using the sleep or hibernate modes rather than leaving computers idling when not in use.

In future, these computing techniques may used for upgrading the green computing in every educational institution may reach with new ideas. The classrooms can have immediate impact by reducing power consumption of entire labs of computers. Over the longer term, students and faculty will share their knowledge with media scope. (Chia)

Participation of Education System Individually F:green computing related topicsuntitled.bmp

Upgrading inefficient components inside of a computer can improve a computers overall efficiency, although higher cost is sometimes a prohibiting factor, features of power management such as hibernating modes are mostly effective because of low power states the computer can easily preset idle time without human intervention. There are some techniques suchlike unplugging a computer using a switch kill which is useful for prevention for phantom loads which are less effective for the users (students and teachers).Educating the introductory courses in computing or training them to know better in operating systems, since the students are frequently focused to the computer systems it would be helpful for every individual for using the electricity testing meters and power benchmarking techniques to measure computer power consumption under different system run levels and power saving modes. Faculty can research areas of power optimization in compilers or other places of areas which need appropriate course measures to be implemented.(Kurp)

Making efficient Measurements for GREEN ENVIRONMENT F:green computing related topicsimplementation.bmp

Making efficient measures may lead to the precise energy consumption can be difficult to measure. Method of treating power as general overhead creates the perception that energy costs are beyond the control of the business unit. Cost savings is a primary reason for educational systems implementing energy savings programs. The problem is that the lowest cost method is usually in place to charge for energy consumption and the monthly facilities costs for operations are rolled up. While the cost of adding more power in a given area can be a good act, there are some measurable sources to be considered / Maintaining adequate strategies to minimize power constraints steps, The problem of solving by locating the educational systems to make or to lessen the power more cheaper which focuses operations on the facilities which have a improvised existing treatment.

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To optimize its energy purchases, the most of the educational systems have implemented a monitoring and metering system. The new system is Implemented to optimize its energy purchases; (yang, L) the educational to optimize the energy purchases, the educational system realized simply by buying their energy more efficiently. Virtualization is a way of making one computer behaves like several computers. Anyone who uses Parallels software to run Windows on a Mac has used virtualization, and knows its performance advantage. A large virtual machine can be comprised of many smaller older physical machines, allowing hardware to remain in use longer. Virtualization also reduces energy use, because many components use the same amount of power whether its being used or sitting idle. (Huston)

The panel agreed that understanding how much energy is being consumed is a major step to solving the problem .Number of steps that schools could take, beginning with calculating which systems are using the most energy and determining which of them could be places in idle mode when they are not in use.

Ongoing Research Projects on GREEN COMPUTING Schools E:green computing related topicsresearch.bmp

The research and studies listed below represent just a handful of the extensive research that exists looking into the many varied aspects of green schools. For a more comprehensive list that includes more specialized research.

The Heschong Mahone Day lighting Study of more than 21,000 students showed a dramatic correlation between daylight school environments and student performance.

Energy Performance of Daylight Schools in North Carolina (Mike Nicklas and Gary Bailey, 1996). The study analyzes the energy performance and cost of daylight schools designed by Innovative Design in Johnston County, N.C.

Environmental Law Institute, Green Cleaning in Schools: Summary of Selected State and School District Policies (2007).

A Study Into the Effects of Light on Children of Elementary School Age A Case of Daylight Robbery (1992).


Green computing is a vast technology, applicable in many streams. The above topic is is concentrated on educational systems and quite measurements were observed. Awareness is the only witness for saving the natural resources. Today, most of the research work is implemented on educational systems such that every individual should represent such aspects. The most of the extensive application are involved so that it maintains adequate strategies for BETTER LIVES.

[Note: The matter discussed above is required from third party and some journals respectively.]



School leaders get advice on ‘green’ computing



Green Computing in Schools: Benefits of Using Green Practices and How Schools Can Implement Them







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