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Non Scheduled Maintenance On Computer Systems

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When talking about maintaining computers the programs used that come to mind are things like anti-viruses and other different updates for a system, these can be routine and non-routine checks and updates. When talking about routine checks it describes a program that has a set time or date to do maintenance whether it is every day, week or month the routine will stay the same. Non-routine is when the maintenance is performed manually and does not have a set time for an update. Routine maintenance on a computer is very important for the health of a computer as you could forget to do an update and it would do it anyway as it is routine. If using an anti-virus routinely it can delete anything that is slowing or hurting your system, non-routine is something like a disk defragmentation being done every few months by yourself, this is because a disk defrag isn’t necessary say for example every week but needs to be done every once in a while non routine. If you have a good planned schedule for routine and non-routine maintenance on a system the computer’s health should be very good and it is recommended.

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In a business doing routine and none routine maintenance could help you by.

Improving Tradesperson productivity, giving reduced direct labour costs

Increasing Equipment Availability, due to better planning

Increasing Equipment Reliability through the identification of repetitive faults

Improving Stock control, giving reduced inventory levels and fewer stock outs

Improving long-term reduction in Maintenance costs

Improving Safety by providing detailed Standard job procedures

Routine maintenance of your computer is a vital step in keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently. Problems ranging from not shutting down to screen freezes are most likely a result of poor maintenance, NOT hardware problems. Good computer preventive maintenance also includes keeping a written record of any repairs or changes to a computer. It’s also good to write down when software is added or removed from a computer. This can help with any possible troubleshooting at a later date.

Keep all your documentation for the computer in a safe place. Things like operating system CD and product keys, Software, manuals and driver disks and also Passwords to various programs and websites.


You can use many types of documentation to keep your maintenance up to date and these are just a few.

Schedules chart

Help you to plan out the tasks that need to be completed

Give you a basis for scheduling when these tasks will be carried out

Allow you to plan the allocation of resources needed to complete the project, (maintenance)

Help you to work out the critical path for a project (maintenance) where you must complete it by a particular date.

Gantt Charts

The strength of the Gantt chart is its ability to display the status of each activity at a glance good for computer maintenance

So there are lots more different ways to plan your computer maintenance you need to do this so you can keep track of it all and then you will not forget when it has been done and when the next time is needed.

P3: You will be required to identify housekeeping procedures that need to be performed on computer systems on a regular basis


The first thing to do is invest in an efficient anti-virus system, if you haven’t bought one with the PC. This will help you keep your computer clean and tidy and virus free.

Set up a good filing system on your machine so that you can retrieve information quickly. Do this with both your e-mail system and your off-line files. This is good house keeping.

Regularly clear out the cookies, temporary internet files and internet history. They gradually accumulate and take up disk space unnecessarily. This is very good practise. Also From time to time clear out temp files. They show up with the file extension .TMP

Periodically perform disk clean up and defrag to tidy up the way that information is stored on your drives

Regularly make back-ups of your important files. An external hard drive is one to do it. You can then store it separately from your PC so that if anything happens to the PC you still have access to the data you use.

clean inside you computer case get a can of compressed air from a good computer shop and a small face powder fluffy make up brush – open your computer and carefully blow any dust away the has accumulated in side paying particular attention to the fans and the cooling system using the brush very lightly on any stubborn areas. This is worth doing to maintain your computer.



M1: In your own words, explain why it is necessary for organisations to have policies and procedures to control the maintenance of computer systems.


Policies and procedures

Organisations have policies for Protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction. And also maintenance of plant equipment can significantly reduce the overall cost, while boosting the productivity of the plant. The key success is the implementation of management of change, the use of engineering standards and proper work instruction and procedures as set by the equipment manufactures.

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An example could be a file naming policy/procedure might be in place when a member of staff names a file they might for example go to the shared drive on a sever create a folder in the customer name then name the file customer name brief description, date If everybody in the company does the same for anything there save, it’s going to make looking for files a lot easier than if everyone does their own thing…..(increases productivity and maintains the optimal use of server hard drive space as files won’t get duplicated.)

Other policies may include things that computer users aren’t allowed to do for security reasons or staff productivity such as certain website blocks other policies may include a “churn” of equipment e.g. a company might say that it will renew its server every 3 years and its PCs/laptops every 4 years. A company can’t afford to wait until it breaks to fix it.

A company would have some sort of back-up procedure. Most will back up their server data every day and take the backup tape/disk off-site so they still have their data if there’s fire/theft/malicious damage.

Companies will have a procedure of what to do if a computer fails. They will usually have some sort of IT support contract in place or an in house IT guy/team all members of staff would be told what to do if they have a computer problem. Companies pay their staff to work not sit waiting for there PCs to be fixed so they want them fixed quickly within a guaranteed time scale.

D1: Discuss the benefits and improvements to undertaking regular housekeeping procedures?


By doing regularly computer house keeping you will help speed up your computer a lot because cleaning your computer will keep it organized, virus free and running fast. One of the many ways of doing this could be upgrading your hardware with doing this you will be keeping up with all the latest updates keeping your computer to its max level. Cleaning and ventilation will also keep your computer running smooth.

Computer maintenance,

Cleaning the dust out. will Benefit things malfunctioning/over heating. Improvements: improves computer performance the fans on the processor and power supply need to be kept clean. If you smoke you need to clean fans more often because tar builds up on the fans.

Defrag and cleanup your drive with increase efficiency of the drive and thereby cut drive access times.

Disk clean up benefits: clears space improvements: speed ups pc

Virus scan benefit: removes potential virus’s improvements: keeps files/pc safe and working correct. Running anti virus’s every week or so it’s just so your computer stays functional. And cleaning your hard drive also makes it stay fast (same as deleting virus’s spyware etc.) So it’s a

Good idea to maybe once a week to run an antivirus, spyware, malware scan then hard drive clean. Scanning and removing spyware and toolbars periodically is another good housekeeping tactic. They sap your computer’s resources and internet bandwidth.

Back up your pc this will help you if something goes wrong or you accidently delete something backup can be a huge help if need be. Turn off properly, shut down when not in use and do not just turn the switch off don’t just click the off button on your pc because this can damage files on your computer. Always go to start and turn of from there this is safe practise.

Cleaning your Mouse

Cleaning your Keyboard

Cleaning your Monitor

Surge Protection

All these are good housekeeping tips to cleaning your mouse will allow you to work properly on your computer and the same goes for your keyboard always keep them nice and clean and free of dust.

Reduce the number of programs that run in the background or on start up this will make your computer start up quicker.


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