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Types Of Storage Devices Information Technology Essay

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Wordcount: 1941 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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At the beginning of the scoping report, we mentioned data and information are quite important in education, business or even politics. But, how able to store the vast amount of these data and information? Therefore, we need a hardware device that can store these data and information. That called as Storage Device. Now, we know the importance of data, so we need to maintain and back up these data and information as well. For these purposes, we use storage device. Because some of storage devices are a nonvolatile medium that is data is retained even when the storage device is not connected to electrical power. In addition, storage device must be allowing permanent store these data and information for a particular company such as Airline Company. Airline Company has to store customer’s information for later use even though the customer who is consumes only once. Storage devices come in different forms and use different materials, each with strengths and weaknesses. But, how to evaluate each storage devices? The following four points represent what is that should be considered when evaluating storage devices.



Access speed

Access mode

Cost, that exactly is refers to how much we buy the storage device.

Capacity is the amount of data or information that the storage device can hold.

Access speed is the amount of data or information that can be stored or retrieved per time unit.

Access mode is refers to the organization of data or information on the storage device, either random or sequential.

Thus, storage devices differ in the technology they use to maintain data and in their physical structure. So, first we will introduce types of storage devices.

5.1 Types of storage devices

When we talk about storage devices, there are many types and different kinds of these storage devices. Basically, we divided two types of storage devices. One of storage device is the primary storage; another one of storage is the secondary storage.

5.1.1 The primary storage device

The first one we discussed is the primary storage device. The primary storage also can called as main storage or internal memory. The primary storage just holds memory for short periods of times when the primary storage device is connected to electrical power, which called as volatile medium. Kind of the volatile medium is erasable. That mean is data or information just stored in the primary storage when the power of primary storage device is on. But, when the power is switched off will leads the contents of data or information in the memory get erased. Such as random access memory (RAM) and cache, they are two examples of the primary storage device. But, the RAM also can be different types as a variant for the RAM is the NV RAM. The meaning of NV refers to the nonvolatile memory. This kind of the memory will discuss in the following part.

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5.1.2 The secondary storage device

Next, we discussed another one of storage is the secondary storage. The secondary storage also can called as auxiliary storage or external memory. The secondary storage that is a nonvolatile medium. The secondary storage is able to store data or information permanently in the storage device. That mean is the contents of data or information even exist even if the power of secondary storage device is goes off, or even though there is a power failure and the contents of data or information also remain intact. Therefore, the secondary storage device is able to hold data or information forever until it is overwritten or deleted regardless if the storage device has power. The secondary storage devices are usually refer as follows: hard disk drive, floppy disk drive or etc. Although primary storage is accessed faster than secondary storage, but the secondary storage has more features than the primary storage. An eHow contributor say there are four types of functions of the secondary storage.

Data or information backup

External hard drive

Network attached storage

For travel and easy transport

Data or information backup: The main of function of the secondary are used for a very simple task that is backing up data or information. The data or information such as report, music, video and other items of value. Thus, backing up data is always prevent when hard drive crashed but the data even exist.

External hard drive: other function of the secondary storage is to serve as an external hard dive. That can be help to increase memory to store more data and information while internal hard drive is getting full because that simplifies the process of upgrading more storage just need to via a USB port then can be use the external hard drive such as pen-drive.

Network attached storage: Using network attached storage can be easier to share any files for each department when the department’s secondary storage device connect to the network.

For travel and easy transport: These years the secondary storage devices are becoming more portable as the technology is improving a lot. Another common use of secondary storage device is to transport data or information. Whatever you need to bring files to your friends or even though just want run an application to them, the secondary storage device will do the trick.

So, this is why the secondary storage device is more popular than the primary storage device.

Now, we choose a career which is Airlines Company, and discuss why data storage devices are important to them.

5.2 The importance of data storage devices

Previously, we chose Airline Company to be our target in this title. So, the following section we will focus in data storage devices of Airline Company. Airline Company is a career which is high investment, high risk and high profit.

So, Airline Company attaches great importance to any matter, they can be include technology, services, system, or even hardware. One of the hardware is data storage devices also attaches great importance in Airline Company. As the Airline Company also is an international company, so they must have to store the mass amount of data or information such as customer’s information, data of airplane come from each country, marketing research, each department’s data and etc. Could anyone imagine if the Airline Company is not to support properly storage devices? Then, the Airline Company can’t record anything from customers, not sure the airplane is come from which country, not clear the happening of market, department’s operation. That assumption shows if the Airline Company not to support properly storage devices then will lead any data or information to be confused. So, the Airline Company must be having data storage devices which are high quality, high performance and high stability. Then, the Airline Company is able to solve these problems.

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5.2.1 Storage area network (SAN) is important in Airline Company

For other example, due to the Airline Company’s sectors are depend on each other, so the Airline Company can use storage area network (SAN) that is a network fully devoted to transfer and storage of data or information between servers and storage devices from each sectors. Storage area network not only support to transfer and storage data, it also can back up much larger amounts of data at a time. In addition, when high speed of data transfer is important, such as in online business transactions of the Airline Company that involve a large number of records in a stored database. A large number of users can access data without delays at the same time. Storage area network (SAN) can solve these problems as storage area network (SAN) is highly scalable that are used by organizations that conduct business on the Web and require high volume transaction processing. Thus, storage area network (SAN) is essential for the Airline Company. A good and perfect of data storage device not only maintain operation of the Airline Company that also can gain competitive advantage. We will discuss how to help the Airline Company used data storage devices to gain competitive advantages in the following section.

5.3 The advantages of using data storage in Airline Company

Now, we know data storage devices are important in the Airline Company. The Airline Company use data storage devices in multiple purpose and gain the competitive advantages at the same time. Therefore, we will explain some of the data storage devices they used in the Airline Company and help the Airline Company to gain competitive advantages in this section.

5.3.1 The competitive advantages of using Sybase

First of all, we will provide a success example in the real world. That is American Airlines, the world’s largest carrier. They also need to increase revenue by reducing fraudulent ticket processing. That mean is they have to find a way to quickly and efficiently query their data warehouse. John Hagen, he is senior system analyst and project manager in American Airlines. He says:” What a technology can do for the company’s customer is the ultimate bottom line. Sybase IQ has clearly had a significant, positive impact. It has turned out to be a win-win for us and our customers.” Simply put, the American Airlines needs a data warehouse it can be detect fraudulent ticket-processing and track these tickets sale properly and ensure proper revenue is flowing into the American Airlines. That mean the Sybase can do the trick. A result represents the Sybase can helps American Airlines to save roughly $5 million in five years as fast ad hoc inquiries helped expose fraudulent ticketing and saving about $250,000 in development costs. The Sybase also can be significantly reduces the space required to store data when data is increase day by day. So, the Sybase is undeniable that can gain competitive advantages for the American Airlines.

5.3.2 The competitive advantages of using NetApp

For another example, a CNET contributor say Hainan Airline used a data storage which is simple, easy to manage, with high flexibility, high reliability and scalability. That called as NetApp. The NetApp can help Hainan Airline to ease the pressure on the data surge and helps to achieve the centralized storage of data. The NetApp also helps Hainan Airline to achieve storage consolidation and the provisioning of NetApp improved utilization of storage capacity so the NetApp will be able to reduce storage costs and gain competitive advantages at the same time.

5.4 Conclusion

Finally, we know data storage devices are refer to primary storage and secondary storage. The primary storage is a volatile medium that can only used when the power has on. While the secondary storage is a nonvolatile medium that can be used even if the power goes off. In addition, we know the importance of data storage devices and storage area network (SAN) is important in Airline Company. We also learn about American Airlines used the Sybase to track ticket sales properly and ensure proper revenue is flowing into their company. Another one is Hainan Airlines used the NetApp to achieve storage consolidation and the provisioning help to improve capacity of storage.

Both of them are used data storage devices to gain competitive advantages. Thus, in this section we know about types of data storage devices, the importance of data storage devices or even using these data storage devices to gain competitive advantages.


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