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Universal Corporation Server Issues: Recommendations and Management

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Universal Corporation is a developing company that has also opened latest branches. For these branches, they have recruited new employees. The business now has a issue of duplicating data, storing enormous quantity of information and data security because more individuals are coming into the business. This led to several difficulties, such as unauthorized access to information, the removal of significant documents, user change in vital files in shared folders, etc.

I have described and mentioned few methods in this study which can be used by Universal Corporation. This helps them efficiently resolve their present problems. This report proposes methods to boost data storage, to limit users from accessing certain files and folders, to use extremely private files and folders for privacy purposes, to look at permitted and unauthorized users.

DFS Namespace

In Window Server, it is referred to in the DFS Name Service as a rendering service to enable group sharing of the folders supposedly in one or more structured and systematic namespaces in different servers. Therefore, it gives a virtual summary of all common folders in an organization on the same network. Users can simply access the shared files in a less complicated way through a single logical process.

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The organization of Universal Corporation would be able to easily access shared file within a group by using this technology effectively, known as DFS Namespace. Due to the poor configuration of files and servers, the organization concerned suffered from difficulities because of a file-sharing process available on a range of other servers in the company. The service DFS Name would be advantageous to access shared folders as if all of them were located on one server hard drive.

DFS Replication: DFS replication is the method through which users can duplicate information on various servers and nodes. This function allows you to copy files to another server on one server. This results in less traffic in networks, when users try to access data, and in the case that one server is a faulty user, a particular file that is saved on the other server can still be retrieve or accessed.With the use of the DFS replication the company of Universal Corporation would be able to mitigate the issues related to replication of files which at times is necessary during the sharing of the flies. The company will be able to reduce the unauthorised access to the files as it would replicate only the changes instead of replicating the entire file.



Task 2:

Network connected Storage (NAS)
There are two forms of data storage approach, one is local storage (hard drive), and the other is cloud-based storage (drop box, one drive). In short, NAS has certain storage hard disks, and these hard disks are network linked. To add storage to a network, we can add a fresh disk to the NAS device, which allows us to boost our network storage limit. NAS has an OS that adds features like streaming, video streaming, printing, etc.

We must lease some storage from somebody in a cloud storage and then simply have access to these data from anywhere. Without handling our data to a cloud storage firm, NAS offers the same features. In the event that a drive fails, we can also set up a RAID in a NAS machine to add redundancy.

Figure1: NAS and SAN scientific diagram(slideshare, n.d.).

Advantages of NAS:

  1. Extra storage space: The NAS storage is the best way to boost storage volume. We can merge the space and add the hard drive to the NAS storage instead of assigning a certain amount of space to a certain user. Hard drive may retain up to 8 TB for a few hundred GB. By adding a hard disk instead of upgrading the entire system, we can boost the storage volume.
  2. Less Mess and easier collaboration: We can provide unique users permissions on a NAS storage as well as for group edit we can create file similar to the Microsoft 365 and GSuite office.
  3. Our Own Cloud: Most of the device has a software option which allows to provide a functionality of the Remote access so that users or clients can get an access from anywhere therefore it act as Private cloud. In additional, there are some NAS device which has complementary Mobile application which provide full experience of cloud.
  4. Automatically Data backups:  By using a NAS, we can set up automatic back up of our storage. For example, if we did any changes into our local computer then this change will be mirroring into the NAS storage.
  5. Easy server Setup:  The major advantage of NAS device is that they are not very hard to setup. Most user use a web-based interface that allows you to manage access and the device settings. If you have done the Router configuration, then it is quiet easy and similar to the router configuration.
  6. Create own media server: we can’t store all the media file into the Dropbox. We can use NAS device  as media server and we can connect this NAS device with the smart TV and any other device.



Storage Area Network (SAN)

A network in which machines server are physically connected to storage devices by switches. In SAN connection optical Fibre cable is connected among server, switches and storage device which allows data on their maximum speed of share. Here 5 GBPS will be provided by assigning fibre cable between them. Here uses of fibre will make assume to server that storage devices are connected to them internally. 

Given network type is same as client server network but only one significant difference between them is devices are connected separately to each other by switches. Let’s explain advantage of SAN network below.


Figure2: Diagram of SAN network (snia, n.d.).

SAN features:

  1. High speed of data transfer: SAN network is called faster data transfer network. It uses the fiber channel therefore it provides the high speed data transmission between server and client.
  2. Centralized backup: In SAN network, Data storages are centralized. If any server goes down on the network, then the another server adjusts the data load and will continue to transfer the data.
  3. Dynamic failover protection: If any server stops working, SAN can control it and recover the storage through built-in reboot and automatic traffic improvement and the client-server network doesn’t bother any server into maintenance mode.
  4. Adding and removing storage device is very easy: If in a future we need some more storage then we can easily add other hard drive and extend out storage likewise if we have any extra storage in SAN then we can easily remove this drive from the SAN.
  5. Data security: In SAN data are stored in a local Hard drive instead of the Cloud so that our data is safe and unauthorised person cannot access into this file.
  6. Application availability: SAN improves app availability and improves app performance. Apps failed because of information that wrong on this disks they use. The storage procedures in the SAN use the best data protection algorithm to ensure that your data is consistent (Hess, 2011)


  • It improves performance and speed.
  • It provides the users with a glance like systems own storage
  • It conjointly saves time to shop for massive servers for house.
  • Backup and Recovery is simple and knowledge backup potency and availableness is additionally jury-rigged.






The File Server Resources Manager (FSRM) it is a role service in window server which enables people to authorised data stored and manage their data on file server. Universal Cops can use file server resources manager process to implement and create reports monitoring storage usage and set quotas on folders.
FSRM includes some feature like Quota management, File Screening Management, file Management Task, file Classification Infrastructure and storage reports

Disk Quota Management

Many organizations do not have quota limits in their employee’s system. And their employees use that storage and they use that storage space to save useless data in their system. They use the admin storage, and after that forcing the system administrator to give and increase their storage space to save their files. According to survey Universal corporation facing this problem because of over use of storage space.
This is a very important feature that allows one to limit the storage in window server 2012. When you create quota, the purpose of quota management is issuing the limited storage space to clients and users. Users’ needs to use that space limit very carefully. Disk quota management also help the system administrator to reduce time. There are two type of quota first one is Soft quota and second one is Hard quota.
Through the disk quota management, the Universal Corporation want to finish this type of the problem regarding the storage space either company use the soft quota and hard quota. With the help of this it’s very easy for the company give different level of controls such as user A have only 1GB and user B have 10GB. The quota templates can easily apply to folders and new volumes and use them across all the organization. If users cannot able to copy and save anything in system that means users use his all storage limit. If users cannot able to copy and save anything in system that means users use his all storage limit.

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Soft quota: It is default setting of most of the disk quota management. With the help of soft quota universal corporation allows the violator to use the network. Apart from this, it sends the report to admin, who used the space more than requirement. When any users cross their space limit it also sends a notification to them.

Hard quota: In hard quota setting you can set a space limit for user but it is totally different from soft quota because users can only use that data which is allocated by administrator to user. Although, after crossing the space limit you cannot a single page file in hard and you get notification again.




Universal cops facing problem regarding to data store and manage for users. in given task I am going to describe how they are managing their environment.

Problems: –
Managing data storage for users.
Data Viability.
Server back up.
Data backup.

Assigning printer service for environment and also assigning cross printer for availability.
In universal cops we are going to assign RAID-5 hard disk configuration. By assigning RAID-5 we might able to save data in case of physical hard disk failure. We can create Virtual iSCSI hardware from setting of Virtual Machines.
Also, we will assign Quota management where we can give data limit to each user to avoid unwanted data storage from user. In case user will save unnecessary data in hard drive than they will be facing lake of storage in future. So, they will automatically delete unwanted data.

DATA storage solution.
NAS data storage will be more suitable for universal cops as per their requirement in given scenario. Network attached storage is storage files which allows data to retrieve for on-premises Local arear network client via ethernet cable. It is inside data which is retrieving by employees or client of one organisation. NAS device is simply made device which have no keyboard and display as a hardware, but it can be manged by browser-based utility. NAS is attached in LAN with independent network node and it has their own unique IP address.
NAS will be cost lesser than other option for universal cops. Also, it has many advantages like.
1. Data safety
2.Attached package
3. Easy setup of server
4. Assign own media server
5. Remote access

Now if we talk about data management and back ups than universal cops have ways to figure out problem. They can assign RAID hard drive and customise Shadow copy of drive on each step.
Shadow copy will help them to copy previous version file in case they will lose data by mistake of any users. only admin have to manage their shadow copy updating in end of the day. After any accident admin might able to get access from previous version of data. This shadow copy will make easier for universal cops to manage data.

DATA security-
Universal cop initiates their environment with local use in which they might will face data robbery from own users. For any organisation data is very precious stuff. In case of such security Universal cops can assign Sharing and NTFS permission for users.
NTFS permission will allow to customise file security and sharing restriction on requirement.
Also, we can assign sharing permission to files where we can share and restrict unauthorised users.

Based on the analyzes indicated above, the solution can be effective in resolving each of the problems faced by the company from file sharing, file audits, storage consumption, access to data folders and file security. Consequently, it is important for the company to understand and recognize the effectiveness of each of the technological methodology in the reduction of the major problems experiencing by the corporation.


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