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Web Design and Front-end Development

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  1. Scope Analysis:

As we all know photography in this generation is quite progressing. Specifically, to people what we so called millennials. As what I observe for every important event or any occasion it wouldn’t be completed without a photo of it.  And with that saying I have chosen a photography website (“Dave Hill”,                2019).  A website which showcase its proven quality services and incredible portfolios from previous projects.

Although the success of the website, it still has some room for improvements. Based on my observation, the website lacks some important features such as: The website should include a feature the client can edit their own portfolios which suites to their liking. With that feature creates another feature for this website, it will group the portfolios based on the types of photography. Lastly, a feature which provide a private portfolio for a client which this feature only works if the team has provided services towards the client, in this case the website should include a user input which the client will create an account to access the particular feature.


This website has one main purpose and that is to provide service to a client which Dave Hill will make a portfolio of it to be showcased in the website and present it to future clients. Also, users can create a portfolio to their liking by using the lightbox feature, how this feature work is it creates a pdf document to be downloaded by the users where the user can add any images throughout the site into the lightbox section.

This website could provide services to different types of clients, it could be for personal or business. For personal clients most projects that were shot was portraits of the client while business clients are mostly on advertising photography for multiple brands of a car. And in addition, Dave Hill also shoot different types of conceptual photography for different kinds of group of people or organizations.


Upon viewing the website, I think it is a modern type of website which is a good thing for the users in this generation. The layout of the website was very appealing. And I didn’t have problems navigating since the website is very user friendly. How the developer presented Dave Hill was also a great page for this website it shows how confident the business is on providing the services towards its clients.

Overall, the website is pretty good, the design and the marketing strategy for this website is on top of its game. It just needs some minor improvements on how it should present the information or the service it would provide to the clients or users.

  1. Analysis of User Experience:
  1. Usability:
  1. The website has a sticky navbar on every page which helps the user to access different pages on the website and tells them which page they are currently in. This is a good aspect of usability in terms of learnability.
  2. Though the design of the website is very modern it doesn’t change its clarity for the users. At the home page it directly informs the users about the purpose of the website by presenting all the successful projects that have been finished from before and well-known clients whom Dave worked with.
  3.  The website also shows that is very credible to its users. It has an about page which it shows information and credentials of Dave Hill which soon the user will be working with.
  4. Downside for this website in terms of usability it did not show categorization in its services like instead of having your service in general, the website should have options that groups the different types of shoots. like conceptual photography, portrait shoots or an advertising photography.
  5. And in addition to that, the website is slow to load and respond. This might be influenced by how the web designer serves the images, graphics, etc.

While the website is very fresh and modern, the layout of the site is still classical and in line with what most user know about websites. The website has a sticky navigation bar which features the main contents of the website. And the website is very easy to navigate with its familiar layout that helps user to quickly find what they are looking for. And lastly the website has provided social links and telephone number for both offices in Los Angeles and New York for contacting the team.

  1. Action: The user can hover the mouse pointer on different buttons in the website.

Feedback: When hover right into the buttons an underline animation will appear under the button.

  1. Action: The user can select or click buttons within the website.

Feedback: It will direct the user to different links and pages within the website.

  1. Action: When the select the portfolios or projects.

Feedback: The website will redirect the user towards a different page which only allocate the specific project the user selected.

  1. Action: The user will scroll down on whatever web page in the website.

Feedback: A parallax animation will occur in the navigation bar.

  1. Action: The user will open a portfolio and click one of the images.

Feedback: The selected image will pop up as an modal image.

  1.  Though the website doesn’t have a user input it has a feature in the Lightbox web page which it enables a user to add the images from the website in the lightbox section to proceed for downloading process through pdf file.

The websites foreground is mostly black (#0c0c0c), and the overall background of the website is white (#fff). The website features a light colour scheme which perfectly contrast with its foreground (black). A dark colour as foreground makes the website very clean and easy to see.

There are different types of colour blindness which has different types of conditions. But most of those condition affects only on blue red green and yellow which makes this website comfortable even for users who are suffering from colour blindness. Though the images might affect their condition but at the very least accessing throughout the website won’t give them troubles.

Task 2: Interactive Storyboard:



















  1.  Home Page:



















About Page:





Service Page:





Contact Page:

  1. Home Page:





About Page:

Service Page:



Contact Page:


This is the title.

This is the picture of the logo.

This is the navigation bar.

This is the menu links.

This is a button.

This is a text box.

This is a hero image

This is a portfolio with filtering.

This is a portfolio gallery

This are social links.

Task 3: Client-Server Model

 The web is referred to as client-server communication because there are programs or computers that asks for data which are called clients and computer or a program that gives the data in other words the computer that serves which is a server.

A client can be a machine and a program. A client machine is the device that the end users use to access the web such as desktops or laptops. On the other hand, a client program is a program that allows user to make a request. For example, a web browser which makes http requests. A server on the other side, is a high-performance computer or a computer program which provide functionality and serve other computer programs such as clients. A single server can serve multiple clients at the same time as well. There are types of severs such as web servers which serves http request, mail servers which serves SMTP and POP3 protocols. HTTP is a protocol used by world wide web to direct web serves to fetch and transmit the requested web page. While SMTP is a protocol used in sending and handling outgoing mail requests and on the other hand POP3 is responsible for receiving and handling incoming mail requests.

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To conclude, the client-server model is an architecture on the web. Which splits computers into two sections, computers that asks for a request services which are called clients and computers that serves clients or responds to the requests are called servers. The client-server model works through request-response cycle via http messages. And lastly the client-server model is a centralized structure.










It could be an HTTP or a mail request from the client side and it could be any machine or program which request something towards the server. And importantly the server could be a web server in case of an HTTP request and a mail server if it is an SMTP and POP3 request, either way the server will always respond to the request.

Task 4: Security Practice

  1. Perform automated backups- Taking a backup on your website is the first line of defence to secure the data stored in your website.
  2. Privacy Policy- it discloses the user’s data for confidentiality.
  3. Passwords- Providing passwords on your website will increase its security level not just for your website but for the user’s confidentiality as well.
  4. HTTPS- it creates an encrypted impregnable link between the browser of the user and the actual website which nobody else can intercept.
  5. Setting up a Web Application Firewall- it serves as an antivirus for the website. A security software which continually monitor the traffic and the code of the website against malicious threats. It will not only identify the threat, but it will eliminate it to provide high level of security.

On every website it is very important to implement security practices to avoid any types of threats that might create problems and malfunctions not only in the website but to the users using the website as well. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is one of the main security implementations for a website. It protects both the users trying to reach your website from their browser through encryption methods so that nobody would intercept the user and the website’s connection. It would be a great security implementation for my proposed website since it has a feature which the user input personal information. This security implementation helps the user’s confidentiality safe from malicious threats.



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