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Customer Service in KFC

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Mystery shopper or mystery shopping is tool that that used by market research. Mystery shopper are work for the watchdog organizations or market research company. Mystery shopper job exist are to measure the quality of service, compliance to regulation and also to gather information about their services and products. The mystery shopper identity is not known by the establishment being evaluated. Mystery shopper perform task are like purchasing a product or service, registering complaints with a certain way of behaving, asking questions and last provided detail reports about their experiences. Mystery shopper was standard practice by the early of the year at 1940s as a way to measure the company workers. Tool that used for mystery shopper on their assessment are simple questionnaires to complete the video and audio recordings. Mystery shopping can be used in the hospitality industry and others industry.


1. Fast food restaurant

2. Hotel

3. Cruise


I have prepare 10 questions to ask the regular customer from KFC about how the service have provide from the fast food restaurant and how KFC have to improve their service. Here are the 10 question that I prepare to ask KFC customer Miss Phoon.


1. There are many fast food restaurants around the neighborhood. Why do you choose to come to KFC?

This question is very important because it may help the company to notice why the customers are choosing their business and not their competitors business.

2. How is the service that provide by KFC worker?

This question is very important because it will help the company to notice how their worker perform their service to the customer and how the workers should improve their service to their customer.

3. If we say ‘KFC’ what type of food will came though your mind?

This question is very important because it will help the company to know what type of food that came though customer mind and notice why the customer think of the food in the first place.

4. The price from KFC food is it expensive or not?

This question is very important because it help the company to notice why their sales are decreasing is it because of the price of the food or others reason.

5. Do you like the environment in KFC?

This question is very important because it help the company to notice the environment in their company and let the company to improve their environment so that the customer will feel comfortable at come to the restaurant.

6. Food that you like the most from KFC?

This question is very important because it help the company to notice that what customer like the most from the company products and how the company should create new products to attract more customers.

7. Which advertisement has make you remember until now on KFC?

This question is very important because it help the company to notice how important advertising are and how the business can attract customers by putting a advertisement on television, radio, internet, newspaper, magazine and more.

8. Do you like the taste of the food that provide by KFC?

This question is very important because it help the company to notice that what is the taste that are suitable for the customer and how can restaurant improve the tastes of food at the restaurant so it will keep the customers for not going to the rival restaurant.

9. Is there anything that KFC needs to improve?

This question is very important because it help the company to notice how important that we need to improve our products or service because if we are improving our customer may snatch from others competitors.

10. Do you like the packaging and design for KFC restaurant?

This question is very important because it help the company to notice the package design attacked the customer or not. Also to know our design whether can attract the customer or not. If the customer can give us more information about the design. We can follow the information to improve our creativity to attack more customer such as the children.


This report are based on Miss Phoon point of view of the fast food restaurant ‘KFC’. Miss Phoon says that she like KFC service because of some reason. Miss Phoon also say that the price are a bit expensive. She hope that KFC will decreasing the price of they food. Miss Phoon also mention about the television commercial is kind of boring. She hope that KFC will change the idea of commercial. For more details, please refers to the ten answers below.

1. The reason I choose KFC out of others fast food restaurant is because I came with my parents to eat fried chicken. Because my parents don’t like burger or pizza and they like fried chicken more than others western foods. So I choose to come KFC because of my parents.

2. I like the service that are perform by the KFC workers. The reason I like their service is because they is a day when I need to went to KFC to order a bucket of fried chicken to take away because that day I didn’t cook and my family are busy to go outside to eat so we decide to choose KFC. When I order a bucket of fried chicken and the worker tell that I have to wait about 10 to 15 minutes and the also offer me a soft drink for free but compare to others fast food restaurant their didn’t tell me I have to wait for half an hour.

3. When you say ‘KFC’ I will first think of fried chicken. The reason I of fried chicken is because KFC is well known of selling fried chicken. Example, if I say ‘Mc Donald’s’ we will think of burgers. The reason is also say like KFC because Mc Donald’s is well known by selling burgers.

4. The price for KFC food is kind of expensive. If I want to eat fried chicken I can just went to the roadside stall to buy fried chicken. The reason I still went KFC is because of the side dishes. I suggest if the price for KFC food can decrease a bit it will be much more better.

5. The environment is comfortable for us to eat food and we can only stay for a while. Not like starbucks we can stay long enough because the atmosphere at KFC are fast food restaurant.

6. The food I like in KFC restaurant are their fried chicken, chesses wedges and more. Their fried chicken have many taste like original and spicy. The newest tastes for KFC fried chicken, think is tom yam tastes maybe.

7. The advertisement that I remember are a family eating at KFC together with their family. But I think is kind of boring because I almost ten years that KFC are still using this type of idea to put on their advertisement. It would be good if KFC change their idea of advertising a bit.

8. Yes. I like the taste of food provide by KFC but sometimes the taste of the food are not good. I try it at the at others KFC restaurant and it have different tastes. I KFC should improve the of their food so it can taste the to the others KFC restaurant.

9. I think KFC should improve their technology service such provide WIFI to the customers.

10. Yes. I like the packaging design from KFC because I like the color and it is very beautiful compare to the old packaging from KFC


Mystery shopper is a way to research the markets. There are three types of hospitality industry service like fast food restaurant, hotels and cruises. I choose to do the fast food restaurant industry. The fast food restaurant that I had choose are KFC. I have prepare ten questions to ask KFC customers Miss Phoon. According to Miss Phoon, that she like the service provide by KFC workers. She also say that when she think of fried chicken, the first thing that came through her mind are KFC. She also say the price is a bit expensive if KFC would decreasing the price it would be much better the environment in KFC is quite comfortable if KFC can improve their environment it would be better. Miss Phoon hope that the advertisement can change because it was kind of boring. She also hope that KFC can control the tastes to be same to every KFC restaurant. If KFC also can provide WIFI in all their restaurant and she also like KFC new packaging.

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Food trends that happen in Malaysia of 21st century. Nowadays, many people care about their health and they need health life to inherit to the new generation. So they suggest healthy food to supply for them so that they can maintain their life without anything happen. Nowadays, many parents feed their children with organic, natural and no preservatives foods. Parents feed their children has directed innovation focus on distribution to serve this market. Some company has reached for the convenience of cans and jars. Small-batch fresh and frozen fruit, vegetable, legume and whole grain foods are becoming more widely available from companies. Men are turning to food for preventative health increasingly and manufacturers are taking greater interest in how the “other half” thinks about nutrition. Soy provides men protection against prostate cancer, heart disease, baldness and even hair loss.


I have bought a new shop lot and I want to open a restaurant. But how should I attract customers? Here is the few ways to attract customers.



Advertising is a way to attract to try your products or service. Advertising can be use at television, newspaper, magazine, radio, internet and more. I choose to put my advertisement for my restaurant on magazine. The magazine are publish for food industry.


Nowadays, no didn’t people use internet. Internet is way to communicate to the world. Many people has started to use internet to open a webpage for their business. We can open a webpage to introduce our restaurant foods, put some picture of the foods from our restaurant and more. It will attract more customers by open a webpage.


Promotion is a best way to attract customers. Promotions are basically a offer to the customer. We can do a promotion in our restaurant. So the customer visit after knowing that our restaurant have promotion. Example, if the customer orders a burger and a soft drink. We can the customer that if you order in set it will be more cheap.


Hire should a popular artist or singer to my restaurant and it is a way to attract customers to come to my restaurant. Artist is a very powerful influences and will make the customers to buy my products or service.


I argee. That we have to consider demographics factors to identifying our customers. Demographic is a data that related to human growth population. In the data of demographic, they are few factors that will change the customer buying power.


Demographic environment is a data that related to a study of human growth population. The human growth population factors will be the population of a given race, location, age and occupation. RACE

Every country have different races but not every country have more than three races. In Malaysia, we have different races such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and more. Different races have different tastes. As for Malay people, their like something that tastes more spicy like curry, laksa, nasi lemak and more. For Chinese people, we like something that tastes more salty and sour. Chinese people also like spicy foods but not every Chinese people like spicy foods. As for Indian people, their taste are more like Malay people. Their like spicy foods like curry and more. Our restaurant should provide foods that tastes spicy to Malay people and Indian people customers that like spicy foods. As for Chinese people, our restaurant should provide foods that taste more salty and sour. It would be better if our restaurant provide a menu that suits every customers tastes. LOCATION

Location is very important for running a business. Select a good location can help us increase our sales in many ways. In Malaysia, most of the restaurant are opened near the town because more customers are at the town. But recently, most of the Pizza Hut restaurant are now opened nearby houses because it is more easy for the customer. It make the customers visit our restaurant more often when the location is near their house. Because when the location are near their house, the customers that are not feeling to go outside to eat. So the customer can also went to our restaurant to order take away their food to go home to eat. It is more easy for them who are live nearby. AGE

It is not like everybody can accept new things but some people can easily accept and some people can’t even accept. We sells western foods. Malaysia is a east country and we even have different races so it will be hard for us to accept western foods. But our restaurant is very suitable for the younger generation people because younger generation people like something new. So their can easily accept western foods compare to the middle generation people. It is not like middle generation people cannot accept western foods but some of the middle generation people can’t accept westerns food. But the older generation people can’t even accept western foods. It is hard for the older generation people to try something new. Most of the older generation people prefers to eat their traditional foods like laksa, nasi lemak, roti canai, mee rebus, nasi kandar and more. I suggest that our restaurant should add some other food to the older generation people so it will suit their tastes. It also can help us to increase our sales. OCCUPATION

Every person have to earn for their living. The only different is that how much their earn and when you earn more you can spend more on your living style. A high income workers like to spends more on their living style. Most of the customer in our restaurant are middle income and low income workers. High income workers like to spend their money at a five star hotel restaurant compare to a normal restaurant because high income workers like to take their time to enjoy their foods and they like to have better service but compare to a normal restaurant. The customer in the normal restaurant would like to have their foods serve in front of them as fast as possible. It is also a factor that makes have make our restaurant sales that are dropping because the customer prefers to go to other restaurant due to their income and occupation.


I have bought a new shop and plan to opened a restaurant. There are few ways for me to attract customers. First, I plan to put a advertisement on a magazine. Second, I plan to opened a webpage to introduce my restaurant. Third, plan a promotion to attracts customers. Last, will be hire a group of singer or actor to promote our restaurants. I argee that we have to consider demographics factors to identifying our customers. Demographic is a data that related to human growth population. In the data of demographic, they are few factors that will change the customer buying power. Here’s are the few factors that are location, age of the customers, race and what the occupation for the customers.


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