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Roles Of Marketing Communication Marketing Essay

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Marketing communication can be explained as the long term practice that helps to maintain a competitive edge to the enterprise. It is regarded as the most important factor that need to be analysed before the launching of a product in an industry.

According to Chris fill, “Marketing communication is management process through which an engages with its various audience .Through understanding an audience’s communications environment , organisation seek to develop and present massages for their identified stakeholders groups , before evaluating and acting upon the responses . By conveying the messages that are of significant value, audience are encouraged to offer attitudinal and behavioural responses.”

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Opinion Leader and Opinion Former

The communication process is influenced by a wide range of other factors. One of these factors is the influence other people can have. Messages received from individuals rather than the media have the potential to deliver a stronger message than those delivered through media alone. One of the ways in which this can be affected is through the use of the opinion formers.

According to Graham Hughes, “opinion formers are those people who are experts or who are actively involved in the subject area. Messages received from these people are more likely to be believable as they contain higher levels of credibility.”

Their influence can be explained with an example of famous English cook, James Moore who is well known through his TV presentations. It has shown a tremendous increase in the usage of more than 130 percent in the sale of Guava on the day which he used Guava in a TV recipe. Also the average sale of fish has increased a 200 percent till last September through the influence of his TV show Moore’s kitchen. These examples prove the influence of a opinion former in the marketing communication of a business.

The credibility of the opinion formers is very important for the effective communication. Lack of communication will only have a reverse effect which will even affect the goodwill of the brand itself. So the selection of the opinion formers for the marketing communication process is very important. According to my point of view as an IMC agency, the opinion former for Eliana’s Kitchen should be aged between 45 to 55 years having a motherly personality. It will be much better if the opinion former is a celebrity related with Child Welfare Society.

Opinion leaders are those people who are predisposed to receiving information and then reprocessing it to influence others. The opinion leaders may tend to be as a non leader but they may enjoy a higher status with the group. They are more self confident and gregarious than non leaders.

In the marketing communication process of Eliana’s Kitchen, opinion leaders has important role. As public give more care to the health of kids and children, they always seek advices from the general practitioners and doctors who are the opinion leaders in this case. So the opinion leaders must be provided higher awareness and information regarding the product as a part of marketing communication process. The opinion leaders have higher status in the society and so a minor problem in the quality of the product effects the growth adversely.

Marketing nature:

Marketing is cross functional activity.

Marketing deals with products, distribution promotion and pricing

Marketing focuses on goods, servicing and ideas.

Marketing intends to satisfy and delight the customer. Marketing focuses on delivering value to the customer.

Marketing is surrounded by needs.

Marketing occurs in a lively environment.

Marketing facilities satisfies exchange relationships.

Eliana’s kitchens marketing communication objectives

Increasing consumption: One of the goals of marketing communication is to increase the consumption of eliana’s kitchen products. Increase in consumption leads to increase in production, employment , income level and wealth.

Creation of Goodwill: Eliana’s products firm is building goodwill through selling quality goods at reasonable prices to customers.

Price stability: Eliana’s kitchen can try to stabilize the prices of goods by moving goods to the places where price are high from the places where the prices are low.

Providing wide choice of goods: Eliana’s kitchen aims at providing a wide variety of products to the consumers.

Marketing communications have four main roles:

It gives awareness to the customers about organisations offerings.

It will attract customers to enter into an exchange relationship

It can strengthen experiences.

Marketing communications can act as a differentiator.

Marketing communications gives product related information to its customers.

Marketing communication objectives:


Market communicator gives information and awareness about the product. It gives an initial awareness and brand recognition.


The target audience has knowledge about the product but market communication gives through knowledge about the product.


It gives positive feeling about the product.


Market communicator gives preferences to the product.


The audience has a preference to buy the product. But market communicator convinces to buy the product.


Finally target audience ready to purchase the product at any circumstances.

Marketing communication tools:

There are 5 major marketing communications tools are using:

They are:


Sales promotion.

Public relations.

Direct marketing and

Personal selling.

Here we can use direct marketing as a marketing communication tool to identify the Eliana’s kitchens launch. Direct marketing is process it leads to direct sale without using intermediaries. The term direct marketing emerged in the form of direct mail , telemarketing, electronic shopping etc. The advantage of this diverse marketing gives direct orders from targeted customers. Direct marketing has boomed in modern era. Direct marketing is a form of marketing in which goods and services moved from producer to consumer without the use of middleman. The direct marketing association redefined the term direct marketing. “direct marketing is an interactive system of marketing which uses one or more advertising media to effect a measurable response and /or transaction at any location.”

Buyer Behavior

The market for the sales must be identified and the behiviour od the customers must be understood has vital role in IMC. The marketing communication strategy is formulated after understanding the buying behavior of the target market. Eliana’s kitchen is into the launch of organic foods and baby foods to increase the healthy habit of the consumers. Thus the end users or the consumers of these products are mainly children and the purchasing power is in the hands of the parents. So in this situation, the buying behavior of the parents must be taken into account and the analyzing of the parents should be conducted for being the IMC strategy effective.

. So the targeted end users i.e. the customers are the kids and babies but the purchasing decision power i.e. purchaser will be the mothers. Thus we can say that the buying behavior of mothers should be considered and analyzed in this case for an effective marketing communication strategy.

Here, a simple model of buying process, through which a potential purchaser/buyer passes, is detailed for analyzing the buying behavior of the target market.

This simple model of buying process shows five stages such as

Recognition of problems

Information Search

Alternative Evaluation

Decision for purchase

Evaluation after purchase

The first stage of this model explains the situation when a customer understands a need and thinks about the purchase of a particular product which helps them to solve the problem. For this the advertisers induces the customers by explaining the current situation and bring awareness between the customers and the need of the product. The next step is the stage where customer’s searches for the information for resolving the problem recognized. This can be internal search or external search. The external search involves the guidance from friends, relatives, general practitioners etc. After this step, the next stage is where the customer takes decision to buy a product. Here the attributes of the product such as price, quality, availability etc. play a vital role in the purchase decision. The final stage of the buying decision process is the post purchase evaluation of the product. If the customer is satisfied with the product, repeated purchase and loyalty increased within the customers. But at the same time rejection of brand occurs if the customer is not satisfied. There are five stages for the analysis of buying process.

A customer always thinks about buying a product when he understands a need and its solution. The advertiser always induces the customers by making them aware of the need of the product. After recognizing the problem, the customer takes initiatives for solving the same. He searches for the information by himself or with the help of guidance from his friends, relatives or any other advisers. The decision to buy a product is the next step of the buying process. The attributes of the products such as price, quality and availability plays a vital role in the decision making process. The post evaluation of the product is the final stage in the process of buying by the customer.

Buyer Behavior – Influencing Factors

The factors like price, quality, sex, age, media, cultures etc are uncontrollable factors of the buyer behaviour. Healthy eating culture is the aim of Eliana’s Kitchen with the help of their organic food and baby foods. According to my view, the following three factors are very important influencers of the buyer behaviour of Eliana’s Kitchen.

Accessibility of the product: The accessibility of the product is one of the main influencing factors of the product. The products of Eliana’s Kitchen are mainly purchased by Women and children and so the availability and accessibility of the product must be made easier for the customers. One of the recommendations from the IMC part of view is to make the availability of the stock in most of the stores where the mothers and kids have more access. Mothrecare is one of the store for this kind of approach, where the mothers have more access in the market.

Awareness of the product: The most important part in the launch of any products is to make more awareness in the customers. This process can be done with the help of advertisements, supply of brochures, promotional campaign etc.

Quality: No comments are actually required regarding the quality of the product. Without quality, a product cannot be successful in the market. Especially in the case of food products, one of the important influencers of the buying behaviour of customers is the quality of the product. The organisation must focus to deliver higher quality products at cheaper rates for being success in the market.

Brand Positioning

The position of the product in relation with the other products in the market can be stated as the Brand Positioning. Customers must feel free to use the products and should not even think about the substitute of the product. This position of the product in the market makes the brand position high.

Brand positioning was first formulated by Jack Trout in his famous book named Positioning. Jack Trout defined positioning as ”an organized system for finding a window in the mind. It is based on the concept that communication can only take place at the right time under the right circumstances.”

”Benefit positioning, Target positioning, Price positioning and positioning by distribution are some of the ways of positioning a brand. Benefit positioning is used if the product has ability to deliver a specific benefit. While target positioning requires that all a brands marketing must be focused on a specific segment. Price positioning is the way of positioning the product as most or least expensive brand in the industry through which the brand provides a specific identity. And finally positioning by distribution is the positioning of a brand in a channel which is new to the industry and not used by the competitors. This creates a unique identity and can cause people to perceive it differently.”



Consumer satisfaction is the key for the success of any business. Marketers are finding ways to impress customers with various things because they know that satisfied customers are the greatest asset of a firm. Consumer satisfaction depends on the product’s actual performance in relation to buyer’s expectations a customer might experience various degrees of satisfaction. the product’s performance falls short of expectations, the consumer is dissatisfied. If the performance matches the expectations, the consumer is satisfied. If the performance exceeds the expectations, the consumer is highly satisfied or delighted.

Each firm wants to identify its products and distinguish them from their competitors in the market. A firm does it by means of branding. Branding means naming a product for its identification and distinction. A product will gain its image and consumer loyalty through its brand.

Brand : Brand is name, term, symbol, mark or design or a combination of them which is intended to identify goods or services of one seller or a group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors,

Brand = Quality + Image + Price

A brand is essentially a seller’s promise. It stands for an assurance of quality, value, service and price besides offering tangible benefits like glamour, energy, style, and so on.

Branding: Branding means giving a name to the product by which it should become known and familiar among the public. In other words,, it is the practice of giving a specified name or mark to a product or group of products of one seller.

Trade Mark: Trade mark is legal term. When a brand name or a brand mark is registered and legalised it becomes a trade mark.

It makes the product attractive and popular.

It helps in identifying the product and distinguishes it from the goods of competitors.

It helps in advertising and sales promotion programmes.

It ensures uniformity of quality and satisfaction to buyers.

It helps the manufacturers in introducing their new products in the market successfully.

It helps the seller or manufacturer to earn goodwill or prestige.

It develops brand loyalty and consumer preference.

The word selected for branding must be simple and easy to pronounce

It should be simple and memorable.

It must be attractive to the eyes and pleasing to ears.

The trade names must provide necessary suggestion about the product’s benefits.

The name should be appropriate and suitable to the product.

It should suggest some product quality.

It should be illustrative and clearly distinctive from other brands.

Types of Brands:

The following are the different types of brands:

Manufacturer brands: These are brands initiated by manufacturers and ensure that producers are identified with their products at the point of purchase.

Private distributor brand: These are brands initiated and owned by wholesalers or retailers.

Generic brands: These brands indicate only the product category and dp not include the company name or other identifying terms. Products are plainly packaged and are thus unbranded.

Family brand: These use a single brand name for the whole line of closely related items.

Co-brand: It uses two individual brands on a single product.

Advantages or Importance of Branding:

Brands are at the very heart of business and advertising. A brand is a living thing in the sense that it either grows or adapts to a changing world, or it dies. Branding plays a crucial

role to create an identification of the product. Branding offers a

number of advantages to manufacturers, consumers, distributors etc.

Brand Loyalty

Some of the most popular brand of consumer products have been popular for decades, providing convincing evidence of the strength of brand loyalty. Brand loyalty simply means the loyalty of a buyer towards a particular brand. It is a consistent preference for one brand over all others. It is the strong attachment of a buyer towards a particular brand. He will not buy other substitutes if the brand is available. For example, if a customer has a brand loyalty towards ‘Pears’, he will buy and use only that soap.

Factors Determining Brand Equity:

In recent years many companies try to value their brands and show them in their balance sheets separately from goodwill. Inter brand has developed one formula for calculating brand values. It takes an objective measure of the brand’s recent profitability, and multiplies it by a number based on a subjective judgement of the following seven aspects of the brand:

Its leadership in the market.

Its stability

Nature of the market.

Its internationality or global presence.

The trend for the brand

The marketing support for the brand

Its protection by law.

Of course, profitability is the most important factor determining brand equity. Another factor is durability. Those brands which are able to retain their relevance to customers over a long period of time will carry high value

Marketing mix




Target Market



The products production depends upon the market situation, if it is a new market Eliana’s company should produce new product based on the market situations.

The products of Eliana’s Kitchens are the representative model of their company. how the productivity and show the capability of the company to think with the consumer.


The Pricing policy of Eliana’s products depend upon the expanses spend on inventive designs and advertisement of a year. Eliana’s Kitchen products are looking eyes on families and children’s.

The main aspect of company’s reputation is achieved by the satisfaction on its customers..

Pricing is a complicate process, fixing a cheap price is to make a better market share and more customers.


In the marketing mix Eliana’s focusing on families and children’s. Especially mothers and children have to achieve the target customers.

While choosing the area company should be more concerned about other factors like it should be accessible for sale , communication and reliable of the customers.


While including factors in a promotional strategy the company management should be aware of the benefits and values of it product that should be given to the focused customers who buy them.

Marketing communication process is the best channel of promotion to understand clearly Promotion is the company strategy to cater for the marketing communication process that requires interaction between two or more people or groups, encompassing senders, messages, media and receivers.

Marketing Communication Tools

The message can be reached to the target market with the help of five tools. Sales promotion and advertisement are the best tools used by the organization in the market where these tools consists of three more factors like direct marketing, personal selling and public relations. Here the IMC agency is moving forward with the strategy with the help of sales promotion and the launch of new products in the market are highlighted with the sales promotion activities.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is the most appropriate tool for Eliana’s Kitchen. It is one of the most popular tools in the business world. It is considered more larger than advertisement industry .There are three kinds of sales promotional activities

Customer: Sales promotion is done in the form of premiums gifts prices etc.

Trade Promotions: In this special terms point of sales material free pens diaries competition, prices etc

Sales Force: This is by providing incentive and motivation for the employees.

Factors Driving For the Use of Sales Promotion

Recession : One of the main reason sales promotion is very success at the time of recession is because t he customer will very conscious about the price factor and they will search for the value of money in the form of offers and promotions .

Manufacture negotiation power: Normally the retail distribution is in the few and big retailer. So competition for the space of retailer has been intensified. And this gives the manufacture more power.

Cost Effective: Sales promotion is the most effective way of cost effectiveness .It helps in integrated promotional activities .

Objectives of Sales Promotional Activities

It helps in retailers with competitive packing.

Block many competitors

Match many competitors

Built a promotional activities

In sales promotion there is always room for creative innovation.

Sales promotion does not motivate customer toward a particular store or brand, but without sales promotion the buyer will avoid the promtionless brand.

Sales promotion can enhance of add value for the product and services offered by the company.

It enables continuity in communication.

It communicate image and functional value

It will save time and money.

It provides speedy response when required to handle a business problem, management use sales promotion as a tool to boost the quarterly sales.

It helps the management in the creating a shorter product life cycle, which demands a quick sale result.

Sales promotion is not only the tactical tool but also it is management tool that use strategically.

It is an element that integrated with the other elements of marketing mix.


The marketing communication is a process where the organization or the management of the organization must take lot of efforts for fruitful ling the strategy. But the results availed from the marketing communication process of a business plays a vital role in the success of the organization. The process integrated marketing communication helps the organization for the creation of competitive advantage in the industry and thereby increase in the profit. Thus we can conclude that, for a long running of the business and its success, the process of an effective marketing communication is inevitable.

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Now a day’s internet and digital technologies are playing a crucial role in marketing communications. First of all the company has to get a personnel trust. People will always trust the brand and purchase it. The internet and World Wide Web has changed the business tactics. In this modern world every business has got equal opportunity. So here the company has got equal opportunity to win the hearts of people. Being customer focused and customer friendly is a big challenge for Elaina’s kitchen products. The marketing strategies of the Elian’s products are always attracting the customers. They are focusing on direct marketing methods.


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