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Success Factors Of City Super In Hong Kong Marketing Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Marketing
Wordcount: 1348 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In this project, I have to choose a company or product which is successful in Hong Kong and analysis what success critical factors to lead them success. I choose City’ Super for the topic because supermarket are very popular in Hong Kong, most of the people have been buy things in there, so I wish to use this report to make me know more about of them and use my learned to practice in the daily, so this is the reason why I do not choose other organization.

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City’ Super was set up in Hong Kong in 1996, City’ Super is a “Mega Lifestyle Specialty Store” that provide a true “one-stop-shopping” experience for busy urban people today, their stores have to become a part of their customers. They have more than 1,200 employs across their four retail brands, City’ Super to be devoted to become the globe retailer, they promise to use purchase from the globalization to provide high quality customers. City’ Super advocate to provide friendly customer service and a great shopping environment support their fine products and their one-stop-shopping explain ensures that they convene customers’ daily needs. City’ Super has three core components, they include the Food Market, the Life Division, and the cooked Deli. This three core components can give a lot of chooses to customer to choose.

City’ Super sometimes provide the promotion in their supermarket, for the new product for their sell, it can let their customer to know more information of their new product and increase the sell performance of their new product. City’ Super have lead into different types of product in their supermarket, and most of these products are specially and go deep into and, for this reason City’ Super can feed the need of their customers which want to have a specially product. City’ Super also care of the relationship with their customers, they have set up the blog on the website, they have provide a lot of information of their product and they have provide some recipes on their website, customers can get the information and give the opinion easily. City’ Super have put a lot of resource on keeping the loyal of their customers, so they have to hold a lot of activities for their customers to join, such as the cooking class and the activities for some festival, it can increase the relationship with customers more effective.

City’ Super have set up the membership with their customer, when the customers buying in their supermarket, customers can use their member card to save the mark for the value from their buy, and they can use these marks to exchange the coupon, it can help City’ Super to keep their customers.

Although City’ Super is a large-scale supermarket, but most of the product for their sells are from other country, there have a little products are come from the local, it means that the customers can not easily to buy the local product for their need and they will go to other supermarket, and that will decrease the sell of City’ Super.

Since City’ Super is provide the high quality product for their main of sell, most of these products are transportation from other countries, this will increase the cost of the product, City’ Super must increase the price of their product, it will decrease the customers that they do not want to pay money to buy expansive product.

City’ Super is using the “self-service” retailing concept for customers and they have the large area of their supermarket, when they always want to keep their goods shelves clearly, they must use a lot of time and the staff to put things in order.

City’ Super is large-scale supermarket, their operation expense is larger than other ordinary supermarket, since their supermarket area is large, and they have to pay a large expense for the rent and power rate, they also want to pay a large expenses for the staff by the management of supermarket.

Most of the product that sell in City’ Super are come form other country, so City’ Super want to use more time to found new product to exchange their produce which out of season, and this will make City’ Super always sell the out-of-date product, and this will give the stale image for customers and can not attract new customers.

The promotion of City’ Super is not like to other ordinary supermarket, they do not have do the promotion on the popular medium, this make City’ Super can not give people to know their supermarket and the information of them, it will make them can not development the business effective.

City’ Super have just open about four branch store in Hong Kong, it will to limit the location of their customers, when people not near these four branch store, they cannot visit and buy things conveniently and it effect City’ Super development in Hong Kong.

The opportunities of City’ Super

City’ Super is large-scale supermarket and they have a large area for them to sell product, so that they can provide more types of products which cannot find in ordinary supermarket, such as souvenir, books and kitchenware , it can make the products become diversification for sale in City’ Super and increase the attraction with customers.

City’ Super can also set up the area for their customers to take rest, they can provide some special snack for selling to their customers to enjoy, and it can take care of their customers attentive and given a good image of their supermarket service and they can easy to keep the relationship with customers.

City’ Super have set up their supermarket in the shopping centre, the shopping centre have more people to stay in for shopping, it can ensure there have many people to visit in the City’ Super and ensure there have a large opportunity for sell.

City’ Super have a opportunity for set up in Hong Kong, because most of Hong Kong people admire to increase the quality of live, they do not care to pay more money to get the highest quality’s product, it make City’ Super can have a sufficient customer source, also Hong Kong have attract different country of people to come for their living, so these people will have different need for the daily life, City’ Super have sell product from different country, and this can fit the need of the people who came from other country.

Since City’ Super can take place of some special activities, such as cooking competition and the festival activities, these activities can attract people to come to see, this can let people to know more about of them and this can get the function of promotion.

The threats of City’ Super

Since City’ Super is sell high quality product for the main, there for the prices of these products will set higher than other ordinary supermarket, people will choose to buy product in the lower price when they no need the high quality product, it will decrease the competitiveness with ordinary supermarket.

Hong Kong is a small area with living a large group of people, so the land become very less and expensive, City’ Super is large-scale supermarket and they need a large area for set up their store, for this reason they are hardly to found out the area to agree with their need.

Most of the products of City’ Super are come from other country, and it means there will need a long time and long distance to be covered for the transportation, in the transportation process there will have involve a lot of risks, some of the risks will to lead the product damage, and give the lose for City’ Super.

City’ Super is a large-scale supermarket and they have provide more products for customers than other ordinary supermarket, their operation mode like a department store, it means that their competitor no just of ordinary supermarket and it also include the department store.


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