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The Target Audience Analysi

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NTPM(NIBONG TEBAL PAPER MILL) is a company to produce paper product as a manufacturer. It has many types of brand which is Premier, Loyal Gold, Cutie and etc. We choosing our brand is Premier and it is a tissue product. The consumer tissue segment consists of facial tissue, toilet paper, kitchen towel rolls and napkins. NTPM is a consumer goods and paper company that aims to enhance personal hygiene with our product. Premier brand tissue make improvement and creative attractive marketing concepts.

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Situation Analysis

Target Audience Analysis

We choose the target audience is University male student. Most of the male University student will buy the tissue paper seldomly. Some of the people will consider buy the tissue paper because of keeping hygiene and convenient. After that, some of the male University student has use the tissue paper as a needs for perspire and getting flu. We think that the University male student can reinforce their mind which is the Premier pocket to keep their personal hygiene and softness. Besides that, we want to remind the target audience about the Premier product for grab their attention.

Our competitor is Halex Woolton (M) Sdn Bhd are selling the tissue paper and the brand is called Tender Soft. This product has produce in Malaysia and the TenderSoft as their leading brand. They also continue to provide high quality and excellent service to their consumers. Halex Woolton (M) Sdn. Bhd. was awarded the GMP certificate for our Wet Tissue Manufacturing facilities in 2004, which are supported by a controlled manufacturing room and a laboratory. Besides that, the Halex Woolton company has a big competitor to compete with the NTPM company.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of Premier product is provide a good quality and enhance their personal hygiene. It can satisfy their customer needs and wants but also to care their daily life. After that, they also design a attractive packaging to attract consumer to buy their product. Besides that, Premier product has doing environment friendly to produce their product. It also award with two environment certificate. The Premier product can let people feel that softness and comfortable. They always maintain their product as a good quality and good value product.

The weakness of Premier product is doesn’t capture consumer mind because lack of attractiveness. Some of people want buy pocket tissue and looking at packaging design and labeling. Besides that, the Premier product has using advertisement seldomly. So, they can’t reach to their target audience. Most of people want to protect our environment and using hand towel instead of the tissue paper product. Most properly of male are using tissue paper seldomly.

The opportunity of Premier product is the brand of Premier has become a market leader in the market share. Since the Premier product has long time period, it become a first mover to produce good quality tissue paper. They also make a social responsibility to grab the consumer attention and build up good reputation. In the marketplace, the consumer behaviour always changing while the Premier product can using promotional tool to promote the Premier product and reinforce the features & benefits of the product.

The threats of Premier product is that have a lot of competitor in the marketplace, it maybe make confuse which product is good quality of tissue paper product. Besides that, the pocket tissue didn’t have specific feature to recognise their product. The target audience may can’t differentiate which one can satisfy their needs and wants. In addition, the Premier product

Marketing Analysis

Branding Strategy

We can design a attractive logo which is consist the coloring, pictures and slogan for grab their consumer attention. This can put in advertisement and labeling on the product. Most of the people will think that the product logo design is different with before one. Besides that, we can use brand extension to create different of graphic picture.

Product strategy

For the Premier pocket tissue paper, it can be modify different kind of fragrance to attract customer. This can be give customer different choice to choose what they like. Besides that, the Premier pocket tissue can be help consumer easily to absorb oiling and perspire on the face.

Price strategy

Most properly of the premier product will make a value package in the affordable price. This can be let the consumer choose our product because of value package. Sometimes we can see that the hypermarket has using lower price or discount price in certain period to attract people to buy it.

Distribution Strategy

The positioning of the product is important to grab consumer attention. The Premier product will distribute to all of the hypermarket and retailer store with different segment of the product. Besides that, the premier product can be categorizes in the catalog which can easy refer for the intermediaries.

Promotional strategy

We can design a distinct of the advertisement design to capture consumer mind. Besides that, we can choose the poster or billboard to make a promotional campaign to generate the sales. We also can use public relation to help our brand to recognize and communication with the customer, supplier and stakeholder. It send the message can be directly to target audience.


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