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Tata Motors

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Tata motors are the India’s largest automobile company with 14 million $. Established in 1945 it rolled out of India in 1954. Tata motors, the first company from Indian engineering sector to be listed in New York stock exchange, which emerged as international automobile industry. Tata has its operations in all continents. Tata increased its global network by acquiring Jaguar cars and Land Rover from Ford cars.

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In recent years, Tata as lost its prestige due to some wrong strategic planning and also has been in controversies for wrong reasons. The most famous was the Bengal scandal faced by Tata where it had to move out its half built plant to Gujarat. Which cost them capital, time and mostly importantly its brand name? The main focus of my dissertation will be to study Tata motors Strategies and understand why it is not doing good in developed economies.


The core objective of my study is to understand the challenges faced by Indian car companies in Developed countries. Although Tata has been successful to acquire Jaguar and land rover these companies are also not performing up to expectations. My study will help understand this company what is stopping them from being successful. My dissertation will be only focused on passenger cars.


Study the Strategy adopted by Tata

Understand the problems in strategies

Understanding the marketing mix adopted by Tata

To study the competitor and their strategies adopted in U.K.

The major questions to be answered in my dissertation are:-

Q1) What are the problems faced by Indian automobile industry abroad?

Q2) What strategies are adopted by Tata in United Kingdom?

Q3) Why has the import penetration strategy of Tata failed?

Q4) Why has Tata failed to function in significant market?

Preliminary literature review

“The European Automobile Industry” by Andrew M Mclaughlin and Willlam A Malony has discussed about strategies and policy failure of UK government and the problems in Ministry with diverse range of actors with differing views on future direction. In chapter 3 they have explained the procedure adopted by Land Rover to Privatises.

The car market M J H mogridge analysis the statistics and dynamics of supply and demand. This research provides all the statistical data like supply model car ownership forecasting model. This will help me understand the future structure that Tata will adopt and will it be useful in the Market.

The book CAR by Mary Walton in chapter 11 she has talked about the supply- side economics and production of automobile which affects the cost of production and supply chain model of an company.

Japanese’s in UK

[The Japanese] are welcome here in Britain has made no secret of welcome inward investment. We view it not as threat but as an opportunity both for investor and as the host UK. (John Major anglo-japanese journal 1990 4{3}:10)

The future of automobile (the report by MIT’s international automobile program by Alan Alshuler, Martin Anderson, Daniel Jones, Danniel roos, James Womack. The report is about Japanese car structure and technological advancement and priorities of UK which have shifted dramatically towards intervention. The pressure of the world oil reserves and production which adds pressure to change in fuel and green gas emissions. The technological shift and opportunities to adapt the automobile to change the process of R&D.

The book “Cars, Carriers of regionalism” By Jorge Carrillo, Yannick Lung and Rob van Tulder” will provide me information for the role of WTO and its trade disputes in 1995-2001. The import penetration and export penetration ratios for motor vehicles. Rules of origin in free trade agreements. The automobile production in Europe. Passenger car sales in India 1981-2001 and economies in south Asia.

The book “globalization or regionalization of the American and Asian car industry? By Michel Freyssenet, Koichi Shimizu and Giuseppe Volpato”. Changes in the level of concentration of the world automobile industry 1985-2006. The changing shift of power from western country to Asian markets. The failure of American car companies.

“The Indian Automobile Industry: Statistical Profile 2005-2006” by society of “Indian automobile manufacture” this book will provide me the main data needed and also the statics will be provided to me. Data like the sales rise in Indian market and also the role of IMF and WTO in promoting automobile industry in India.

“The British car industry: our part in its downfall by James Ruppert” will give information like the real situation about British car industry and how it is dealing with the current situation of credit crunch. The European companies talking over British companies. The evolution of the British automobile industries. Annual production of land rover and British car manufacture. Annual change in domestic sales. Market failure of transforming British Leyland into land rover.

Information available on internet. The official website for automobiles in UK has all the needed information like (manufacturing industry) turnover, Employees, Companies, capital expenditure, stock turns, trade balance. (Vehicles registration) UK cars sold 2002-2008, used cars sold in 2002-2008. According to British chamber of commerce the recovery of UK’s economy will be depended on automobile industry. There are some case studies available about jaguar and land rover on www.supplychainmanagement.com


My study will be focused on both Quantitative and qualitative techniques of data interpretation. My mostly data sets will be economic, WTO agreements and data collected from interviews.

Economic Data sets: – This data will be collected through books IMF’s reports, research, Journal, Organisations, Interviews. This data includes the laws and also policies which affect Tata. The stat table of annual sale of each automobile company.

According to Hired Michael Eisner – 1984 there are two types of analysis for strategies management process internal and external. Internal include analysis like human recourse, manufacturing ability and technology; whereas external include factors like interest rate, demographic, socio cultural trend.

Analysis like SWOT, PESTEL and Michel portal’s five forces will also help me understand better the strategies adopted by Tata and the reason for failing in UK were others have succeeded. Although it is quite clear that financial crisis has hit every automobile company in this world.

Interview: – This is one of the very important and most useful techniques to be used to find out Tata’s strategies for Jaguar and Land Rover in U.K. This interview can be done via E-mails or any other electronic source. Data like structure of the company and official figures can release by this method. It is also possible to understand their future goals and new releases via this method if allowed.

Co-relations: – the data collected will be processed in SPSs software and the co relation will be obtained which will help in understand the different strategies and there rate of success for both Japanese as well as Tata.

The main motto for using this technique is to understand and collect the data available and analysis for this software’s like SPSS and Excel will be used and also graphs and tables will be presented to describe how the sales for Tata have increased and how it is look at its future in United Kingdom. This will also help me to understand that how the change in the ownership has brought change in the brand name.

Possible outcomes

The dissertation I am planning to make will provide the future of Tata motors in U.K. and also help in evaluating the Indian automobile industry. Tata is undoubted the biggest brand form India. This dissertation will help to analysis the mistakes made by Indian brand aboard and what all things are needed to improve the brand name.

This kind of study will involve lot of study and analysis of the sales and structure of jaguar and land rover after and before Tata’s intervention. The outcomes of this dissertation will allow a clear view of FDI in U.K. for automobile industry and allow us to understand how this industry is evolve with lot of hard challenges like global warming, green house effect and also gas price hike. Jaguar in particular has faced lots of problems in particular for the recent credit crunch.

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Step1. This step will involve lot of reading of relevant books, and also collect economic policy, political information and law and regulations. This will also involve India’s economic progress after 1991 and read lots of journals, reports, T- tests, and data analysis done by experts. I will also try to understand co-relations and quantities techniques which will be use later on for processing of data.

Step 2. This step will involve collection of data like structure and sales of particular year by means of interview as primary source and also collected data from secondary source. Later on I will plan and design a research model for data processing.

Step 3. The last and final stage will involve methods like data processing which I have collected from the first two stages. My dissertation does not involve any hypothesis it just involves collection of structure, stage and market sales.


Research Methods for Business students/mark N.K Saunders, Philip Lewis, Adrian Thorhill. (page no. 109-117)

Business research: a pratical guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students/ Jill Collis.(page no. 216-230)

Globalization or regionalization of the American and Asian car industry? Michel Freyssenet, Koichi S.( chapter no. 2,3 and 6.)

Carriers or regionalism? Edited by Yannik Lung Jorge Carillo and Robert yan Tulder..( chapter no3, 4 and 5)

The future of automobile (the report by MIT’s international automobile program) by Alan Alshuler, Martin Anderson, Daniel Jones, Danniel roos, James Womack

The European Automobile Industry by Andrew M Mclaughlin and Willlam A Malony (page 276-196)

CAR by Mary Walton (chapter 11)

The jaguar and land rover case studies http://www.supplychaingroups.co.uk/case-studies visited date 27-07-2009.

The automobile industry in UK and the staticall data for sale and structure http://www.autoindustry.co.uk/statistics?s=1l3bshemdb3edau0 visited date 27-07-2009.


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