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Introduction To The Impact Of Violence In Video Games Media Essay

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Wordcount: 922 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Just like movies and other forms of media, video games have always been criticized as an influence to violent and aggressive behavior by news print media and public opinion. There has always been an argument about video game’s imparting graphic violence, partial or full nudity, portrayal of immoral behavior or other provoking and offensive material to a child’s mind.

Studies indicate that video games are one of the prime factors contributing to addiction and aggression. Yet numerous studies have found that video games don’t contribute to these problems. Moreover, several groups have claimed that there are few if any methodically proven studies to support these reports, and that the video game industry has become an easy target for the media to be accountable for many contemporary problems. Also, many researchers have proposed possible positive effects of video games on parts of communal and mental development and psychological well-being. It has been presented that action video game players have far better hand and eye coordination and visual and motor skills, such as their resistance to distraction and their sensitivity to information in the outlying vision and also their ability to count briefly presented objects than non-players.

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Purpose of violence in video games

I believe that today our media reflects us as a culture. Besides that it also helps form that culture in turn. Humanity embraces violence, as shown by thousands and thousands of years of history. We desire peace while formulating war. It’s a very human contrast. Why, then, wouldn’t our most popular pastime involve the same clash? We want innovation; nevertheless we still seek out the experiential violence that we hanker as a species. I also believe that it’s far better to allow ourselves to shoot each other online in simulated virtual worlds than do so in real life.

As I have explored video gaming as a cultural occurrence, I’ve found that every player’s experience of games is completely different. My own non-violent trends color my responsiveness of games that are explicit in their subjects of war and violence and cruelty. I am not stating that i don’t see the significance in such games, particularly when taking into account the existing modern culture. What has been an excellent instrument to exhibit how societies view and express themselves are written media, films and novels which expresses war, death , life and what it worth to be a human. I feel Video games are no different. They are reaching to a certain critical mass, in terms of technological ability and thematic scope that, I believe, will compete with the range and impact of film and books in a very short span of time. Hopefully, videogames mature into their full potential as a media and they begin to take on other themes and topics such as Love, and family, and working together in society as much a part of being a human as war and violence.

Problem Statement

Purpose of Dissertation

I am writing this dissertation to display how video games have matured, switching from the days of gentle Pac-Man clones to the gritty, sleazy underworlds of Grand Theft Auto. Through this transformation, they have found critics and supporters. Though this may all seem recent, it’s a debate that has been boiling for years.

Research Questions:

What is the role of video games in the media world?

With what can we evaluate the violence exposure and aggression?

How is the attitude of viewers and players changing their values and behavior?

What ways can help the field of gaming to be free of negative impact?

Is there a significant evidence that exposure to media violence is a risk factor for aggressive and violent behavior?

What is the conclusion of the issue of violence in relation to videogames?

What effect does the violence in video games have on the users?

What percentage of violence is accredited to video games?




On Existing Information

Practical Approach


This dissertation’s main object is to show the impact of violence in video games on today’s culture and consumer preferences. The document will show both the negative and positive effects of violence in video games.

On Existing Information

It is made sure that all the information gathered through various electronic and traditional media are as current as possible. For this dissertation I’ve used Google as my prime source material, while supplementing this thesis are various news websites like CNN.com, NYtimes.com and various relevant print media.

Further more I would be researching books on video game violence and collect data from the already existing surveys and studies.

Practical Approach

My approach would be to show how violence in videogames shape the psychological behavior of the consumer and show what are the positive and negative effects of too much violence and graphic themes in modern day video games.

I would be conducting various surveys and research on ground level, and based on most current controversial events that have occurred in the world of video games. Based on the demography of the recipient I would be taking some surveys that would have ask them their preferences and inclination towards graphic violence, nudity, gore etc.


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