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Reality Is The Life Of The Media Media Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Media
Wordcount: 1229 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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After watching the movie Truman Show, I think a lot about the reality about the media recently. In fact, I know exactly this movie was to express an ironic effect by black humor. However, the film hit let me on media authenticity has many thoughts. Now the media, false information too much, especially newspapers and television, make people interested in reducing, even trust also reduced. Network of false information is the same. In order to better attract the audience or reader, the authenticity of media is very important, just like The Truman Show.

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Key words: Truman Show; Reality; Media

I.Truman Show

Truman always feels he has been under surveillance.He didn’t think it was true. Since he were born during the first thirty years, Truman Bobbin most for a long time, there is the history of the most popular documentary soap opera actor, he is an ideal living town sea town is actually a huge studio, and his relatives and friends and before him every day people are all actors in the hidden throughout the occupation photographic lens. This is the “The Truman Show “, the global hundreds of millions of viewers was watching his every act and every move, and he himself does not know. Then after thirty years of drift life, Truman finally felt that his life was something wrong, when he discovers he is like living in a glass jar butterfly, he decided to escape from the sea town, regardless of the cost. But he must face the “The Truman Show” founder, producer and director Christophe, and overcome his deepest fear, can break through the barriers to get freedom.

Of course, after watching the film, I had a pity for Truman, his all life was false by director, and he knew nothing about this. However, it was popular in the film. The film comes from the real life; this success in audience ratings gives me an important enlightenment at the media.

II the reasons for the Truman Show popular

In the movie, the soap opera Truman’s world is loved all over the world is because Truman to film it know nothing at all, natural deduction. The true man show, as another self. In the Truman body, the audience can see the shadow of themselves including their birth, their love, and the first kiss. Truman sadness and happiness seemed so real, real as occurring in the audience themselves, can cause the audience response and love. Truman’s world in the film popular reason is — true.Of course, the real is cruel, for it hurts the pure man. However, it caused my attention to the authenticity of media is very important.

III.The reality is the life of the media

First, we must understand, this is a lack of attractive age because too much information. TV programs from the people’s life, let people feel the resonance. Naturally, it is unable to attract the attention of the people. No matter how to perform, there has to be a real existence in order to better attract the audience. The newspaper is even more the case, these years, our newspaper, false news, advertising increases; make people getting away with it. In recent years, the network became popular, but the network is too much false information also hinders the further development of network. From the film, we can see, people for the authenticity of the call. Then, the media should do to improve their authenticity?

In order to enhance the authenticity, made the audience, the film Truman Show gives us the following enlightenment: one is the reality of characters. In the movie Truman is a born alive in the boy, he really exist, this character not fiction, his life and our life is not much different, and thus more likely to attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, in the media of authenticity, either in TV or film to create a character, or the real figures, media workers must pay attention to ordinary people, ordinary people get inspiration from. The lives of ordinary people can move the audience or reader, because, like we see another me. In addition, emotional authenticity. Truman every emotion so real, his family, his love, his grief and joy are so natural. Now a lot of TV programs like sensational, like with exaggerated reality to let the audience tears. In fact, the true feelings can cause the hearts of the audience resonance. Not everyone’s life is very strange, more and more people’s life is very ordinary. However, they are eager to be of concern, as their true feelings in the media embodiment, wanted they don’t care about the difficulty.

Watching the real life by the director, we had to mention news. Now the news authenticity was questioned, much news can even be director. As everyone knows, authenticity is the most important news soul. In the news, in order to Truman true, but not like the Truman’s life was director. There is advertising, the ads are everywhere, but also a very exaggerated. Of course, exaggeration is advertising a means of performance, but if you really want to impress the audience must also be true. Only to meet the demands of consumers, the consumers can be remembered and the purchase of. The film tells us, authenticity is the important way to attract.

In recent years, the media authenticity call more and more, people for the authenticity of media attention began to strengthen. Now a lot of domestic television stations have started to do some civilian program, started to pay attention to ordinary people’s real life, and has made very good progress. However, these civilians programs in many fictional events or the audience. The film Truman Show told us, does not need the imaginary of ordinary people, real life and emotion is enough to attract people.


Life is not a drama, Truman story can only appear in the movie, and we have great sympathy for him. However, in this film, the protagonist to Truman hit television series gave us deep enlightenment. In this view, we present the media to be learned from this movie important element of success — real. Whenever we are, authenticity is the life of the media, especially the lack of attention; we have to know, the more real, the more popular. Without the reality, the media will lose the charm for us; Truman Show also tells us this simple truth.


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