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Analysis of Food Choices

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My favorite meal is one that we had yesterday for Sunday lunch, which is white rice, roast beef, carrots, and potatoes. This is a very typical meal when I go home to visit my family, we are from the country, so most everything is homegrown from our area. The only items from the meal that isn’t freshly stored from my nana’s garden are the roast and the rice, which is packaged and bought from a local grocery store.

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 It can be somewhat of a complicated process to grow fresh vegetables, my nana has her own garden where she maintains the garden with watering, knowing her soul, and keeping her garden healthy. The rice is also planted and grown locally, but it requires time and harvesting before it can be purchased and used at home. The roast is bought from our local grocery store that cuts it fresh before packaging. The meat departments job is to make sure that the meat is edible once it is processed as well as ensuring that the cow the meat comes from is well taken care of to prevent any sickness or infection to its consumers.

The United States Department of Agriculture ensures that rice products are thoroughly inspected before allowed to go on the market and some stringent laws and regulations are to be followed so that no illegal practicing of production is going on. The advantage of this is that the USDA stays involved with the licensing of the creation of the product, so it is tough to have any unethical farming or production. Another advantage is the inspection of fertilizers used for the farming products so that it is not harmful to humans to consume.

The only ingredient that has a considerable effect on our environment would be the rice because it didn’t come out of my nana’s garden, this ingredient requires lots of water to grow meaning that mostly irrigation is used. Our whole town is made up of farming, so newer technology isn’t needed due to the amount of human labor that is used, this also saves the farmers money because having someone work for you is cheaper than buying the technology to do all the job. The downfall to growing rice in our area is that the irrigation attracts mosquitoes, which spread a copious amount of diseases. These diseases can cause issues for humans and animals surrounding the city, especially if one is allergic to mosquito bites such as me.

Any of these ingredients can be shipped from other places as well as packaged from other areas. However, we are lucky they are basically coming from right down the road. The roast, as well as the rice, can easily be stored in certain conditions to stay fresh before being purchased. The rice needs to be stored in a cool but dry place while the meat needs to be wrapped but refrigerated. The potatoes and carrots are from the garden, which means that they can be eaten immediately or stored for a few days and maybe even a week. This goes to show that these types of vegetables are a food that has to have a ready market, someone to buy it right then so that it’s eaten fresh. The disadvantage of vegetables from other places is that it has to be sent rather quickly so that it reaches the consumers before they go bad and are put to waste.

The world nourishment associations have made a rundown of essential foods that could be devoured for the better soundness of the human body. Be that as it may, individuals have a slight inclination of changing from eating natural nourishments to meat. They have anyway adjusted to eating greens that are demonstrated to have generous effects, and furthermore, some have begun adapting to natural foods. Individuals have turned out to be mindful of the impacts the various nourishments they have can influence the earth henceforth they will, in general, expend a more significant amount of regular food than bundled food. These have brought about individuals adjusting to the food of various social foundations; these can be made accessible through transportation or developing conditions that suit them.

 The food choices have brought about individuals receiving new ways and strategies for improving these sorts of nourishment. Some have gone to the degree of going to specific nations to find out about the different methods for keeping up these arrangements and guaranteeing that they are sound true to form. The adjustment of innovation has additionally caused the improvement of the sustenance items; these have caused them to be of value content. The expression thinks all around demonstration locally has empowered ranchers to have the option to adjust to new changes that enable their items to emerge from others.

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There are different disclosures made each day, the utilization of nurseries, the advancement of a dry spell and safe illness seeds that ranchers can utilize are a portion of the noteworthy revelations that have been made in the rural segment. The utilization of the above disclosures has been used in different nations, which has found in countries like Israel, the majority of their territories are a desert, yet they have turned out to be one of the exporters of sustenance items. The innovation they use for changing over ocean water into the water that is reasonable for the water system has been received by different nations which are currently sticking to this same pattern. (Sciencedirect.com, 2015)

The adjustment of the food decisions everywhere throughout the world could result in a decrease in diseases and a sound working country. The change of these food decisions could limit a portion of the ailments like diabetes and obesity that are activated by eating low-quality foods. These outcomes to increment underway just as an expansion in labor numbers. There would be a decrease in food security for some, nations would now have the option to fight for themselves. These are a portion of the benefits of adjusting to new innovative and rural changes (Bruce Monger, Bruce Monger & Bruce Monger, 2015).



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