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Effects of Drinking on Depression

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Drinking And Depression


The purpose of this paper is to discuss on how drinking and depression affects an individual’s thinking, what influences people to drink and end up depressed. A country’s economy, peoples life expectancy and life in general is affected by these two catastrophes. Depression refers to being sad, unhappy over something or someone. There are two types of depression; major depression and dysthymia. Dysthymia can last for years if not treated on time. Other forms of depression include postpartum depression which occurs to women mostly after birth, premenstrual depression occurs one week before the menstrual period and disappear after menstruating and seasonal affective disorder which is associated to lack of sunlight during fall and winter season. Drinking refers to the intake or ingestion of liquid into the body through the mouth i.e. water, alcohol and energy drinks. Alcoholic beverages are mainly associated to drinking and depression.

Alcoholism and depression

Alcohol is a depressant. Alcoholic drinks are classified into 3 categories; wine, beer and spirits. Alcohol is the most associated drug to drinking and depression in most families or individuals around the world. Depression in most families are inherited or one grows with it depending on with the family set up (Stevenson et at., 2008). Drinking makes depression worse in situations where parents are addicted alcoholics. Most women are believed to start drinking alcohol twice when they are depressed and end up thinking about suicide. According Gil et al. (2009), Russia is believed to be the leading country in alcohol consumption. Most of its citizens are believed to be taking 15.75 liters of alcohol. Spirits is the highest content in most drinks in Russia High mortality rates in most countries is among working women, men and youths. Drinking and depression goes hand in hand because when individuals are depressed the bottle seems to be the only solution to most of them. They have interlinked and according to my research depressed children are likely to be drawn to alcohol as they grow up. Most countries have laws regulating on consumption, sale, production and distribution but this do not seem to reduce because of corruption cases. This paper entails what causes depression and drinking, effects, solutions associated in psychological aspects.

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In psychology, most psychologists try to find and assist in resolving marital, family and interpersonal relationships over a long period. They try to help family members support their members in recovery. Most alcohol addicts are easily vulnerable to relapse. Therapies can help people boost their motivation and stop drinking. Psychologists have to be trusted by their clients to help them reduce on intake of alcohol. Drinking and depression can easily strain relations between family members, workmates and a country’s economy.

Drinking and depression are common problems which occur independently. Those who are depressed opt to take alcohol to cheer up, reduce stress, or help them sleep. Alcohol whether taken in small quantities or large quantities have the same effect of affecting people’s moods.

Causes and effects of drinking and depression

The causal factors and effects of drinking and depression include age, weight, drinking history, influence(peer pressure)emotional and mental state of individuals, lack of energy, sadness, loneliness, guilt all contribute to drinking and depression. Both of these conditions affect people’s relation in society, suicide, rejection, social isolation and premature death. Alcohol is a major cause of depression, sleeping problems, break -ups, certain types of cancer, job loss and social isolation.

Effects of drinking and depression can be fatal for instance most people consider committing suicide when faced with lots of problems, bipolar disorder can affect one’s social life .Depression and drinking can offer guidance or counselling to victims to create positive thinking towards life. Families can come together and offer comfort to avoid stigmatization to victims to prevent relapse from recovery (Conner & Sörensen, 2005).

The life expectancy of countries are diminishing because of the drinking and depression effects. Most of them are the employed youths and they don’t perform duties as expected. They sleep breathe, drink and worry about alcohol. High mortality rates for instance in countries like Kenya, Russia to mention a few have lost souls to the evil drink. The life expectancy among men has reduced to 30-60years because of alcohol while women rate is a bit lower though most of them smoke a lot in places like Russia where Vodka is drunk like water (Gil et al., 2009).

Solutions to drinking and depression

Psychological solutions to drinking and depression include individuals following a 5 step recovery program. One is recommended to build a strong social sober network within their work place. Avoid places which can trigger craving for alcohol like clubs bars or even friends. If taking drugs for alcoholism and notice something different consult your doctor. Every individual has to take a step towards sobbing up towards recovery .Another solution to drinking and depression is taking depression medicines, detoxing ,interpersonal therapy, and electric shock therapy .Attending other class or group therapies assists to reduce these problems .Centers to prevent drinking and depression should be opened in every state to prevent loss of lives.


Drinking and depression are two major problems that need to be tackled before and after happening because they cause drifts in families, create gaps at work affect one’s wellbeing .Most countries face unemployment, inflation, underdevelopment, health related issues like cancer and violence can become rampant affecting a countries dignity, interstate relations and accepting and dealing with these two can be prevented once accepted and treated regardless of the laws governing drinking .Social, economic and political aspects in society are affected by drinking and depression. Drinking and depression are perverse socially unacceptable behavior in society.


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