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HR Management And Workplace Diversity

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As you know that diversity in the work force is one of the main object in employment favorable conditions, managing variety has been either ignored, poorly done or received little attention in some existing work organizations. To do workers some validity, many governments have tried legislating against different kind of ability to appreciate good quality or test in the workplace. However, research has demonstrated competence the defective and unfinished of such legislation since it still allows for employers to use statistically unbiased criteria in employee selection, recruitment and development providing it can be shown to be a valid qualification.

Form the view of statement above, evaluate and analyze the diversity legal context (underlying set of ideas) in UK in relation to employment policy on equality issues and the do something as custom connected with the effective management of diversity.

It is vital to understand the legal context for state of being equal and your legal duties not to recognize or identify difference in employment or the supplying of goods, facilities or services, as well as the favorable conditions, the law provides for implementing positive measures to help bring about impressively large equality at work. The law covers the six equality strands of age, restricted capability to perform particular activities, distinctiveness, gender (including pay and transvestites), religion or belief and nature of sexual preference in relation to employment and all but age in relation to services.

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To make sure that you obey with the law makes good business sense and helps you to minimize both reputational and connected with money risk resulting from costly existence of lawsuit. These guides provide a broad survey or summery of the law and cover all six diversity strands however are not a conclusive and final or most authoritative legal guide. For precise layout of instructions to look for legal consultants.

Equality is about ‘creating a fairer society, where everyone can take part and has the favorable condition to satisfy their capacity for development’ (DH, 2004). It is about recognizing designs of experience based on group recognize, and the challenging series of actions that limit individual’s ‘expressing possibility’ health and life chances.

For example, occupational act of segregation. Women make up almost 75% of the NHS workforce but are concentrated in the lower-paid occupational areas: nursing, allied health professionals (AHPs), top level managers and subordinate   workers (DH, 2005). People from black and minority of particular origin comprise 39.1% of hospital medical staff yet they depend only 22.1% of all hospital medical consultants (DH, 2005).

The state of being equal approach understands that our social identity – in terms of gender, race, disability, age, social class, sexuality and religion – will effect on our life experiences.

Diversity literally means difference. When it is used as a contrast or addition to equality, it is about identifying individual as well as group differences, behaving people as individuals, and placing positive value on discrepancy in the people in area and in the workforce.

In the past, employers and services have ignored many differences. However, individual and group of people from different culture should be taken into account therefore the needs of everyone and their needs are properly accounted for and understood react to within employment practice and service design and delivery.

For the matter of diversity there is a proper way on which the organization can work out on the flexibility of employees and the flexibility of work and the development of business in recent years. For example, an employer may gave permition to an employee in flexible working pattern and accommodate child care arrangements, or a General Partition surgery may offer surgeries at the weekends in accommodate people which works the whole week.

These approaches recognize that order to include many things and equal to all, organizations may need to respond distinctly to individuals/groups.

Therefore, a previously planned engagement to equality in relevant facts to recognition of diversity which means that dissimilar can be equal.

Why is equality and diversity important?

Equal opportunity and diversity is becoming very important in all points of view of our lives and work for different reasons.

• We are living in a society of increasingly diversity and need to be able to respond suitable and thoughtful and sympathetic to this diversity. Around gender the healthcare setting will reflect this diversity, race and ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, states and distinct age.

• Your organization believes that successful implementation of equality and diversity in all point of view of work make sure that pears, all kind of workers and students are valued, motivated and treated honestly.

• We have human rights and legal framework (underlying set of ideas) protecting employment practices and service delivery and we need to ensure we work within this and elude discrimination.

The UK framework has two parts to it: the anti- discriminatory framework (which gives individuals a way to increase complaints of discrimination around employment and service delivery) and the duties of the people (which place a proactive duty on organizations to address important organization discrimination).

Overview of anti-discriminatory framework

• Sex Discrimination Act 1975

• Race Relations Act 1976

• Disability Discrimination Act 1995

• Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) and (Religious Belief)

Regulations 2003

• Equality Act 2006 (covers service delivery in relation to sexual orientation and religious belief)

• Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006

In the area of employment diversity and the age limit is the most important thing other than service delivery.

Disability Act 2001

The students who have any kind of disability they are explored with some appropriate adjustments in the Disability Act 2001 and Discrimination Act 1995.For this reason teachers are required to get more knowledge regarding the disabled student so that they could anticipate their core abilities in reputed organizations.


In any organization diversity is very important part of any business. To give equal opportunities to Women, men, people in relation to gender reassignment. If there are different people from different origin with diversified point of view, it can produce more chances to create different ideas that could be helpful for the organization to get their objectives. Anyone in relation to ethnic origin, nationality, color or culture.

Age, Religious or Sex:

In order to any specific religion of any believe, age, gender including men, women, gay men, bisexual and heterosexual people there are following legislative principles:

• Indirect discrimination

• Individual discrimination

• Reasonable adjustment

• Positive action

• Genuine Occupational Qualification

• Harassment

• Victimization.

Moral Duties of Public:

There are also some significant duties for which Public are bound. NHS bodies and trust, education sector, local authorities, security agencies and the health services department all come in the circle of these rules. It is possible only by the implementation of these rules in the organization to get focused and demonstrate the diversity in the organization

The duties were brought in under the following legislation: Race Relations Amendment Act (2000); Equality Act (2006): Disability Discrimination Act (2005). Each of the public duties requires organizations to:

• publish the results of any work make pledge to do something.

• produce a (race, disability and gender) equality scheme

• Carry out impact evaluate on their functions, policies and practices

• carry out equalities monitoring and take action to redress any imbalance

A brief detail is discussed below.

Ethnic and Race Disability:

Eradication of discrimination which is not in the provision. Eliminate unlawful discrimination. Establish and propagate the equal opportunities.

Always make sure that when the employees are functioning at the job in any organization, there should not be any religious or any sex discrimination between men and women or which does not come under the discrimination legislation.

In public life good attitude should be encouraged toward the anticipation of disabled people.

Disabled people should be treated with more favors as compared to the other people.

Since 1998 the UK has also included human rights within its legal framework. The Human Rights Act applies to all public right to command and bodies acting a public function. The Human Rights Acts places the following responsibility on your organization.

• Organizations must support and make safe to an individuals’ human rights. This means treating people moderately, with self respect and respect while safeguarding the rights of the big community.

• Organizations should apply essential part human rights values, such as equal opportunity, privacy, dignity, and involvement, to all organizational service planning and decision making.

The Human Rights Act facilitates a complementary legal framework to the anti-discriminatory framework and the people duties.


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