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Three Perspective Approach of Societal Changes

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The Three Perspective Approach of Symbolic-Interaction Approach, Conflict-Approach, Structural-Functionalist Approach


Alcohol Consumption in the society has always been an attractive part in festivities. Nevertheless, in some culture this is consider to be a symbol that profess happiness. Symbolic interaction explain that an individual’s create the symbols that make life meaningful. Symbolic interactionism explains alcohol consumption today is a huge problem society. According to (Harrison, 2010) it can be usually applied to deviant behavior, and violence. All throughout society symbols are used for all aspects of everyday life, and in the Catholic Church it is use to signify the blood of Christ. Whether this tradition culture is wrong, individuals accept practices in their own perception. However, this symbolic ideas to everyone can be viewed as more positive than opposed, it occur more often. Unfortunately this is something shown in today’s society as a spontaneous thing that leads to different interpretation and influence by other group of culture.

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However, in the Conflict theory alcohol consumption build up conflict as it become a dependence, and motivated to have no limit drinking. In addition, affect the cognitive processes, and drinking behavior. Other conflict are reflected in relationship, and family member; that leads to separation, domestic violence, rape, and others. In the structural- functionalist can be interpreted in different way such as Manifest Function, and latent function, and dysfunction. In Manifest function it is a part of social gathering, that families come together to unite. These event are custom that have been practice, and exist in the society for Christmas, thanks giving, Easter, and reflect a culture in the church.


Monogamy is referred to two individuals are sexually active only with each other, usually in a committed relationship that may or may not be marital. However, in some culture this is consider to not acceptable such as Islamic cultures, polygamy, or the taking of more than one spouse, is acceptable. In addition the Jehovah, and other protestant church or religion group consider that marriage is between a man and a woman within the bounds of marriage, and those sexual infidelity are described as sin, and corrupts a union. Nevertheless, the symbolic interaction to Monogamous relationship is that one shows affection to the other. Through gift, love, caring, giving flowers and spending time together. All this endorsement are symbolic interaction in finding ways to communicate affection.

However, will so much good intention some conflict approach arrives to disperse such happiness. The most common conflict is lacking trust, and having jealousy. In addition it may lead to a divorce of the couple, and a delicate fight between both parents for the children custody. The women are victim of domestic violence, and men are mostly in to infidelity. In addition the function approach suggest that relationship meaning of commitment. According to (Kohol, 1983) the function is to prevent vicious sexual relationship, bearing children, establishing relationship of intimacy and devotion and sharing mutual goals.

However, in the Manifest it is consider to be in a relationship with a long term lover, or partner that sharing similarity. Nevertheless, latent is rather the husband being involve in vague relationship outside the house hold, and can be entitle to be infection by sexual disease. This not only harm the husband but the whole relationship and the wife. Therefore casing a dysfunction in the relationship such as broken trust, dishonesty, and no confidence.


Teenage Dating is the most popular culture that exist in the world of teen. Some culture insist that this practice help in finding or determining the partner or love one would share mutual happiness for eternity. This can be consider another way of other to be to know the person before physically involve or married to. This a symbolic action has determined people to find the right person to establish a relationship. In addition, the lets person know all the strength and weakness of the other.

In some cases conflict approach most time being when the teenager become pregnant at an early age, and struggle the rest of her life with the loss of education. Some teenager also part take in abortion to avoid being young parent. Parent that are not supportive enough, and young parent that have no idea what it implies to be a mother. However, in the function approach it seem that teenage dating happen at a certain age. This vary in some culture like at age sixteen, or older.

However, the manifest seem to view the society as individual cooping to survive with a partner, because human are commonly bond to another individual. However in the latent view a good relationship should be establish with one individual to have good parenting skill, and guide the children growing up to not make the same mistake.

Mayan Rights and communal land ownership

Everyone has the right to own land and other goods, and Maya been a dominant culture should as well imply the Mayan rights and communal land ownership. The individual are known for their Maya Ruin, and farm lands; culture and population. Nevertheless, their individual with all the mutual right as the other cultures existing today. There the one who had inhabit the land and that Mayan should have possession on their lands and communal land ownership for their community and all right to claim any injustice done to them. In addition the symbolic approach to this is that of most significant part of them is their temple that symbolizes power and history. Their land mean a home, and agriculture.

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The most conflict approach implies that the government something don’t recognize that this is a vivid culture that need to be protected. The diversity culture create new mixture whereby a new culture is born. However in the manifest function the tradition is not carried on and some custom are not practice. Latent Function the government don’t provide funds to excavate the remaining ruin, and other Maya right terminated. In addition in the dysfunction someplace show neglect in Maya right and ownership. Even show racism toward the people in their tradition, and clothing, and integration in the society.

Women in politics in Belize

Belize has never been the strongest, but since the integration of women in to politics allows equality between man power. However, in the symbolic Interaction the women are seen as mothers, and house holder workers. In entering into politics it provide an opportunity for women to voice their opinions. In the end both man and woman have always had equal rights.

Nevertheless, the conflict approach in society woman are not seen as leaders, but as followers. Woman are seen as inferior in some culture such as in India, Islamic, and other cultural group. However the lack of speaking out and be out spoken has been taught sometimes by parent that are raised in that manner. In structural- functionalist approach manifest function- the woman are more entitle to work and be productive member in the society.

The woman are the guide for the future to create a strong potential child that seek right and justice. However in the latent function the mother are educated caring and business person. The women are independent, hardworking, and successful. The women reflect a positive and secure home environment for the kids to live at home.


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