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Applications of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence

 In a 61 – year – old Bill Gates to the remarks of college graduates in the current era is called “a very good time”, in the fortunate to have a chance at the age of 20 to participate in the digital revolution to change the world at the same time, gates say if today looking for you and that can make a huge impact on the world, he was the first to consider is the artificial intelligence. Like Bill Gates, “out of control” author Kevin Kelly is also full of expectations about the development of artificial intelligence and makes a series of bold predictions. In his view, in the next 10-20 years, artificial intelligence will bring disruptive changes to the world, and everything will become intelligent. Gartner’s report, which focuses on information technology research and analysis, says AL will become ubiquitous in the next decade. Artificial intelligence is no stranger to us. With the development of science, artificial intelligence is more and more close to our life. What is Artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term for simulated intelligence in machines. These machines are programmed to “think” like a human and mimic the way a person acts. The ideal characteristic of artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal, although the term can be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind, such as learning and solving problems. The field of artificial intelligence is very extensive, it can be used in various fields. The principle of artificial intelligence can be divided into four steps the first step is what people basic need. people around the world found it tedious to report data and to found what they need. Second step is solved basic problems efficiently. Then build based on observations. Last is application to an end goal. For example, Tuesday morning at 8:00. You’ve woken up, glanced at the title on your phone, replied to an online post, ordered a holiday sweater for your mom, locked the house and drove to work, and listened to some nice music on the way. In the process, you’ve used artificial intelligence (AI) more than a dozen times – being woken up by an alarm, getting local weather reports, buying gifts, locking your house, learning about the impending traffic jam and even identifying an unfamiliar song. Your smartphone, house, bank and car are already using AI every day. Sometimes it’s obvious, like when you ask Siri to direct you to the nearest gas station, or when Facebook suggests you alert a friend to an image you posted online. Sometimes it’s almost invisible, like when you use your Amazon Echo to use your credit card to buy something you don’t normally buy and don’t get a fraudulent text alert from the bank.

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When the voice of the public opinion about artificial intelligence turns out to be bigger and bigger, indicating that the development of artificial intelligence is getting faster and faster. Artificial intelligence is a field that involves multifarious technology of subject, high comprehensiveness. Its development is closely related to the progress and development of the technology of these disciplines, and the levels of theoretical and technological breakthroughs are different in different periods. The concept of artificial intelligence was first proposed in 1956 to create robots capable of mimicking human movements, a road that was destined to zigzag. In 1997, the Google “DeepMind” team developed the intelligent program of chess, and defeated Kasyanov in the battle with the then chess master, thus unveiling the curtain of “man-machine war”. In 2017, it is Google, they developed AlphaGo intelligent continuous over account and KeJie go programs, once again, “top”, let the human must sit up and take notice of artificial intelligence, and generate some questions point of view, at the same time, this year, a year is important in the development of artificial intelligence, unmanned, no one supermarket and a series of technology, breaking the boundaries of human knowledge of past the technology. Therefore, these theoretical and technological breakthroughs have provided the development impetus for artificial intelligence, which is the most important and the most core. Based on the constant maturity of the development and application of mobile Internet technology, Internet + artificial intelligence has been developing vigorously. It has become a new engine for future industrial reform and technological revolution, and it will drive and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. In the future, the dialogue, command and automatic control between people and objects will be mostly controlled by AI programs, and even “all things interconnect” will be realized. AI applications are now widespread, including machine translation, expert systems, intelligent control, robotics, automatic programming, language and image understanding, and space applications.

In last five year the application of industrial intelligence in the field of fashion has also started, and various major companies have entered the bureau in order to break through the boundary between fashion and technology. Virtual fitting is a new AI for the life. The great pain point of current online shopping is that it is impossible to touch and touch the goods directly. Consumers’ cognition of the goods comes from taking pictures and cannot try them on immediately. Clothing online sales, the size of the impact and picture color difference, will lead to return and exchange problems. In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology is gradually solving these problems. The core point of the tie-in-like virtual fitting app is how to find out the items that specific users may be interested in in the vast online clothing library, arouse their desire to match and push them to place orders. At present, it mainly adopts many ways to show the same style of stars to attract users’ attention to single products and match them. The application of artificial intelligence in this kind of virtual fitting can help the APP to quickly and accurately know the clothing preference of users, and what is first presented to users is the style and product they are really interested in. The difficulty in measuring fit through virtual fitting is to model both the body of the consumer and the clothing, so that the actual effect can be seen when the two matches. The first is the collection of consumers’ body data. Currently, most of the “fit model” virtual fitting apps adopt the way that users input body measurement data to adjust the body shape of standard models. The disadvantage is that the previous work of filling in and measuring is tedious and not completely accurate. There are also some apps that explore the predictive modeling by taking photos on mobile phones. However, it is very difficult to make prediction modeling because different people take photos at different angles.

Also in China online shopping, artificial intelligence collocation is popular. According to the introduction, fashion e-commerce platform mushroom street has chosen a new direction of artificial intelligence and fashion combination – fashion matching assistant. The premise of artificial intelligence is massive database. Fashion industry naturally has this condition. There are hundreds of thousands of brands and designers in the fashion industry. Everyone’s wisdom contributes to the fashion industry, and together it becomes a fashion trend. Based on large-scale data, mushroom street applies machine learning algorithm to train fashion analysis model. Mogujie shows the specific idea of AI in the future: when you choose a jacket, you can take a picture with your mobile phone when you are struggling with how to wear the lower body. After uploading, the system will automatically recognize, analyze and process all kinds of elements in this picture.

As for mushroom street, to make artificial intelligence understand fashion, it is necessary to understand any picture more finely and identify more detailed elements. This image recognition technology can greatly improve the user’s search efficiency and provide a solution for matching recommendation.

 The other example is the Amazon Go. Amazon Go is a typical case of an unmanned supermarket, which captures and tracks all consumer behaviors in the store through self-detection and tracking system, and confirms the user’s Amazon account identity through face recognition in the entrance and consumer identification. In the judgment of product position, the infrared sensor, pressure sensor, load sensor and camera picture on the shelf can be compared to determine whether the goods are picked up/put back and whether they are in the right place. In terms of settlement intention recognition and transaction, indoor positioning technology (image and audio analysis, GPS and WIFI signal positioning) is used to determine the correlation between goods and people, and the payment method such as binding credit card is used for settlement.

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 The AI era is coming. The role of AI is to help humans, not to have the same intelligence as humans. In the future, AI can be sold as a commodity and applied to a certain field of work. For AI, the more people use it the smarter it becomes, and it’s a loop. AI will also create new job opportunities for human beings. Whether we can cooperate with robots in the future will determine people’s income level to some extent. Each technological revolution will bring a new round of work revolution. AI will eliminate many traditional labor force, and many industries will disappear because of the rise of AI. In the future, robots will replace human services and operations, which will probably cause a lot of process work, service work and middle management links to “disappear”. Only a new type of Labor can adapt to the age of intelligence. At the same time, although repeatable, mechanical physical or mental work will be replaced by robots or artificial intelligence, there will be more new, creative and in-depth talent demands. “New industries” related to AI will bring “new jobs”. With the advent of the era of AI, there will inevitably be some new jobs “unheard of”, such as “natural language processing” and “speech recognition engineer” that have been recognized by the industry, or such as AI or robot product manager. And “old jobs” in other industries will require “artificial intelligence”, as most translators and security guards will be replaced by AI, but the remaining few will probably earn more. For example, security personnel who can control security robots and have rich security experience, and translators who are perpendicular to a specific field. Technology will continue to destroy old jobs and create new ones. The popularity of cars, for example, has replaced horse-drawn carriages, but has provided a job as a taxi driver.

 AI has made remarkable achievements in technology, which also reveals the great capacity of the machine. Despite the success of AI technology, it is also worth noting when and in what form AI will have problems, to prevent future mistakes. Roman Yampolskiy, director of the university of Louisville’s cybersecurity lab, recently published a report outlining the history of AI failures, “” where AI failures are directly related to the preset goal errors of these systems.” ” According to Yampolskiy, these types of errors can be attributed to errors in the AI system during the learning phase or in the running phase. Like Deaths in tesla’s autopilot mode Tec Republic has previously said that Joshua Brown drove a tesla and activated autopilot mode when his vehicle collided with a tractor trailer on a Florida highway, the first reported fatality from the autonomous mode. Since the accident, tesla has announced a major upgrade to its self-driving software, and self-driving CEO Elon Musk has claimed it will prevent such collisions.


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