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History Of The Film Amazing Grace Theology Religion Essay

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Wordcount: 1602 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The movie Amazing Grace is all about an extraordinary man named William Wilberforce. In 1784 when he was twenty-one years old, Wilberforce was elected into the British House of Common where he became a politician. A few years later, William Pitt, a close friend of Wilberforce’s, became prime minister. Together these two came together and introduced a bill banning slavery. Although Wilberforce has the help of anti-slavery activists, there were many people that supported slavery and as a result the bill was not passed. Unfortunately in 1797 Wilberforce was forced to leave his career in politics due to his poor health so he moved into a country home of one of his friend’s. Here he then meets a woman named Barbara Spooner. Spooner encourages Wilberforce to not give up his goals so he then launches a second campaign to convince England’s lawmakers to end slave trade.

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William Wilberforce was a very strong Christian and he put all of his faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Wilberforce had very strong foundational values as can be seen throughout the movie through his actions and choices. Wilberforce’s faith changed him from being a careless wealthy politician into a public servant that was compassionate and caring towards everyone. He used his gifts and skills in order to help create a better society. Wilberforce was very strong in character as he had very strong morals and always knew the right thing to do. While most of society at that time accepted slavery as being a necessity, Wilberforce did not conform. Most people back then has been brainwashed into believing that slavery was okay, but that’s not how Wilberforce thought. He saw that slavery was a cruel and evil thing. He knew that it was against God’s will so he did his best in order to end slavery in England. Unfortunately his bill was struck down, but even this did not stop him. He later came back with another attempt at banning slave trade. Wilberforce obviously had very strong faith and character, and as suspected he was very much a servant and did all that he could in order to abolish slavery. Wilberforce literally did everything that he could do in order to end slavery in England. This introduces another question: why would Wilberforce go into so much trouble for something that didn’t affect him? This is because he was an excellent servant. Although Wilberforce himself was not a slave he still saw the harm it was causing and he knew the suffering many people were going through because of it. He saw this and knew that he needed to do all that he could in order to help. Although he may have not reached the desired outcome at first, he did everything that he could and worked extremely hard and in the end he was able to abolish slavery.

William Wilberforce was uniquely designed by God and therefore has both numerous strengths and weaknesses. One of Wilberforce’s strengths was that he was a very strong faith. Although there were many difficulties and struggles that Wilberforce was forced to encounter, he always put his trust and faith in God. This ultimately led to his success in abolishing slavery. Although things got difficult for William he never lost his faith in God and because of this incredible faith and persistence he was then able to abolish slavery in England for good. Wilberforce was very passionate about two main things in his first: God and abolishing slavery. Both of these passions were very closely connected together and they both had major impacts on his life. William believed in God and wanted to do everything that he could for Him, and that is where slavery became involved. William knew that slavery was contrary to God’s will and as a result he dedicated his life to abolishing it, but he knew that he couldn’t do it all by himself. Wilberforce had a few friends to help him, but God is where most of the help came from. One major experience that had an impact of Wilberforce’s life purpose was when his bill was declined the first time. Wilberforce was obviously devastated and didn’t know exactly what to do. He then moved out to the country where he was then convinced by Barbara Spooner that he had been fighting for a very noble cause and never should have given up in the first place. In my opinion, this is when Wilberforce truly understood his life calling. Up until this point he had been very passionate about the cause, but now his passion has been restored and is even stronger than it had been before. He then realizes that it is his duty to end slavery and as a result he starts up a second campaign. This campaign is much more successful than his previous one and he ends up abolishing slave trade in England. Overall, William Wilberforce was uniquely designed by Jesus Christ and this can be seen all throughout his life. Wilberforce was able to do incredible things because of God’s help and these experiences that helped strengthen his faith and trust in God.

Because William Wilberforce was uniquely designed, he was different than everyone else. This means that he had his very own unique personal mission or life calling. Wilberforce’s life calling was to make the world a better place. This included getting rid of slavery in England. God opened his eyes in such a way that Wilberforce was able to see the horror of slavery and all of the tragedies it was causing. Wilberforce then realized that slavery was against God’s will and he did the best that he could to get it abolished. He worked restlessly trying to abolish slavery even though he faced many hardships. When his first bill was not passed Wilberforce was crushed, but that did not stop him. William kept on going even after his bill was struck down. He was definitely discouraged at this point but he didn’t give up all hope. He persisted and kept on going with his attempts to abolish slavery. In the end, all of these attempts were successful and slavery was then abolished. William Wilberforce had finally fulfilled his life calling. Wilberforce was drawn to helping those in need and those who were treated unfairly which is why he was so passionate about making slavery illegal. He knew it was bad and he wanted to make the world a better place. Wilberforce’s vision of a better world was not only one without slavery, but also one where people had freedoms and liberties. He was a very strong Christian and as a result he wanted the world to reflect God’s desires for mankind. He wanted everyone to serve God and each other so that the world would be a less sinful place. Wilberforce’s main strategy for accomplishing these goals was by putting all of his faith and trust in God. William knew that he couldn’t accomplish anything by himself and the he needed help. This help came from God and from numerous other individuals that helped him. He put all of his trust in God even when it seemed like there was nothing that could be done. Because William was able to completely rely on God, God was able to work through him and accomplish what needed to be done. William, with God’s help, was able to then abolish slavery and make the world a better place.

One very obvious roadblock that William Wilberforce had to overcome was when his first bill was rejected. Wilberforce was very frustrated at this point and he started to lose all hope. Wilberforce became sick and as a result he moved into one of his friend’s country house. He lived her a while as he was recovering, but then he met someone very special. This need friend of his was Barbara Spooner, and they shared very similar views. Spooner also believed that slavery was a bad thing and that it needed to go. She then encouraged Wilberforce to try again and she told him he should have never given up such a noble cause. Finally, Wilberforce started to overcome this gigantic roadblock in his life. It took much encouragement from Barbara as well as a large amount of faith in God. Wilberforce was already discouraged so he ended up relying on God more than ever and as a result God let his will be done and Wilberforce was successful in the end.

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Wilberforce put all of his trust and faith in God, and the way that he lived out his life and trusted in God is a great example for the rest of the world. William worked tirelessly and devoted his life to a cause because he knew that it was wrong and contrary to God’s will. As a result he did everything that he could in order to abolish slavery. He went through many struggles and difficulties, but never gave up. This is a great example of how we should be leading out lives. Although times may get tough in our lives, we need to realize what God’s will is a fight through it. Life will throw many roadblocks in our way and sometimes they will seem impossible to overcome. However, if we put all of our faith in God we will then be able to overcome even the most impossible struggles and make the world a better place. William Wilberforce went through many difficulties and struggles in his life, but he never managed to lose sight of what he was doing it for. He was not only doing it to help those that were enslaved, but also to make the world a godlier place. He saw that the world was a very sinful place and he sought to change that. This is how we all need to live our lives. We should see the sinfulness in the world and despise it. We should then do everything that we can to destroy evil and make the world a better place so that through everything we do we serve God and do His will.


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