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Set Of Principles Of Right Conduct Theology Religion Essay

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It is important to us human know the set of principles of right conduct. The meaning of ethic commonly used now day. It includes study of universal values such as the essential equality of all men and women, human or natural rights, obedience to the law of land, concern for health and safety and, increasingly, also for the natural environment. The study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person with ethics. It is also about the rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of a profession.

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Ethics generally defined as the principles of morally acceptable conduct of individuals. Ethics also means an individual’s personal belief about right and wrong behaviours. In the essence of ethics, there some implications warrant additional consideration. There are ethics in individual defined. People have ethic in an organizations and what constitutes ethical behavior can vary from one person to another. Ethics also is relative and it is not absolute. This means that although what ethical behavior is in the eye of the beholder, it usually conforms to generally acceptable social form.

The factors that form individual ethics are in family influences. Individual start to form their ethical standards since their childhood period in response to their perception of their parents behaviors. Besides that the peer influences also the factors that form individual ethics. When children enter school, they are influenced by peers with whom they interact every day. In this human condition related with each other, bound within them is the life experiences that can be one of the factors that form individual ethics. There is lots of important life events, activities, and communication, both positive and negative that shape people’s lives and influence their ethical beliefs and behaviors. All these events are part of growing up process that leads to maturity of human person.


In the beginning of person life, family influences are more affect our ethical. Since childhood period, our response to parents behaviors will leads to positive or negative side of our own attitude and individual ethics. Children are more likely to adopt high ethical standard if they see that their family member adhere to high standards such as being truthful and honest. If they receive rewards for conforming and punishment for not conforming to these standards there will affect individual ethics of their own.

For example in my experience, family influence is the main factor of individual ethics in the time of my growing up life. Parents tend to shape their child to be successful person in future. Therefore, proper education must have to lead the way. My parents send me to various schools during primary school. Begin with my preschool at “Chinese morning bell”, study with almost majority different culture and background make my study start with happening and fun stuff. This early factor affects my individual ethics in culture diversity in school. To respect and respond toward surrounding environment in life of different culture.

Family influence in positive way will lead us to be responsible and independent person in future. My families teach me various ways to make me more alert of surrounding environment. At home, discipline is important to shape a positive attitude toward older people. Parents strict at reasonable reason to teach me about respect and responsible. My family does play a major role in the way my behavior in society. As we grow, we learn many things from our family that are beneficial to our society.

Almost everything that I learn as a child comes from parenthood and how I react with my parents. My parents went through the concepts of life, and they were exposed to society as a kid and an adult, which I learn as I get older as well. Our families, especially my parents, have a lot of wisdom about what goes on life, since they have already experienced many parts to it. They are the ones who can teach us what they have learned, and they can show us how we should act, feel, and think about our modern-day society.


While some people believe that family has the largest influence on young adults individual ethics, others feel that friends have more influence on young adults. I believe that friends provide a stronger influence on young adults rather than family because of the amount of time spent with friends, and the fact that peer pressure can be one of the strongest influences that a young adult will face.

First, young adults spend a lot of time with their friends. Young children spend the majority of their time with family unless they are in school, which means family exerts the greatest amount of influence. However, as children enter their teenage years, they tend to spend most of their free time outside the house with their friends. Whether fighting against parental influence and control or just trying to make friends, teenagers spend a great deal of time interacting with their peers as they develop their own sense of morals and values. For example, once I entered high school I often spent time away from home studying with friends at their house. After studying we switch to science experiments, which usually involved competitions to see whose homemade rocket would fly the highest. While maybe an uncommon hobby, we found our parents often did not encourage us to explore our interests in science and became more influenced by each other rather than our respective families.

Second, peer pressure can be one of the strongest influences that teenagers face. Most new experiences that young adults face are the end result of peer pressure. What one teenager thinks is “cool” is forced on to others in order to fit in. For example, the first cigarette I tried was due to the pressure of a classmate in high school. Later in university, the first disco party I tried was at the urging of classmate that discovered I had never been to the club to have fun. While parents also encourage their children it is usually for an entirely different reason, not wanting their children to embarrass them. Peer pressure also continues to be a major influence, even into adult life.

In short, while family influences children the most, as children grow up and become young adults the strongest influences becomes their friends. Teenagers spend the majority of their time with friends, rather than family, so it is only natural that they are a stronger influence. Peer pressure also forces teenagers to try and fit in with their peers, an influence that is much stronger than family to form individual ethics.


Lots of important events, both positive and negative, shape people’s lives and influences their ethical beliefs and behavior. These events are a part of growing up and maturing. For example, people who steals something and does not get caught feel without any remorse and continue to steal. However, a person who is caught stealing may feel guilty enough to revise his ethical standards and not steal in the future. Ethical in live experience are not merely bound with each other, a yes or a no choice. Ethical decisions in life experience also are not simple choices between right and wrong. They are much more difficult to make when the person who make the decision is personally involved in the situation. The judgments are complex to balance between the feeling and social performances from the life experience.

For example, all was well till I came across this teacher in my junior high. Since when I was young, my anticipation was to become a networking analysis, an engineer to be precise, I always got fascinated with the way engineers carried themselves and the driving force they had in them. Knowing the force to save lives and improve the health conditions of mankind was their major goal, I envied the engineers and I promised myself that before I joined my ancestors and forefathers I had to be one of the most prominent network engineers for a specific well to do firm. Thank to my brothers they had a friend who was a engineers whom I would accompany in a number of times to the his work place and spend a few times with him to see how he conducted his daily activities. I was even ready to defer from my studies if someone would give me an opportunity to work and run from him. But I knew that the road into becoming a renowned engineer was a rough one, it needed determination, patience and hard-work. As indicated earlier, everything was flowing smoothly and all those close to me knew that I had to achieve my goal in one way or the other.

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In my junior high secondary school, I attended a technical course symposium that was held in our state and all the students were requested to attend because it would shed some light on them. We had a number of professionals from almost all fields and walks of life and they took most of their time explaining what their careers involved and the number of challenges they are faced with daily. One of the professionals in the symposium was the IT Engineers. The first thing that came into me after my experience with him was to be like him. I was entrenched by the life history of this Engineer and the difficulties he had to undergo before he could finally succeed. Without the trust his family and friends had in him, he could not have reached where he was. Joining the high school that I joined was the greatest mistake I ever did in my life which I believe will haunt me to my grave. My junior high secondary school despite it being a well performing school, we lacked counseling sessions, and we had no one to run to when we needed guidance, especially guidance that is related to career choice.

Similarly, the environment we were presented with was not favorable, emphasis was put on science subjects while the art based subjects were disregarded, they were considered feminine. This is an experience that made me doubt the curriculum we were using if the administration considered other subjects to be more powerful than others. These whole life experiences make me more respond to surrounding environment. No doubt it affects my individual ethics through making decision on my own. To achieve goal we must gain lots of knowledge and information without giving up in life so easily.


The law is a consistent set of universal rules established to govern societal behavior. These rules are widely published, generally accepted and usually enforced. The law as a possible basis for making managerial decisions when one is confronted with an individual ethics. The law also can be used as guide to moral choices. This is because when faced with a conflict between an organization such as school and working place. We should let the law decide, particularly in democratic society, where the argument can easily be made that the rules within the law represent the collective judgments made by member of the society. The rule of law specified a set of requirement which lawmaker must respect if they are to govern legally.

Nevertheless, the rules of law restrict the illegal or extra legal use of power. When a society rules by law, there are clear rules articulating the behavior appropriate for citizens and officials. Such rules ideally determine the particular contours political relationship will take. When the requirements of the rule of law are respected, the political relationship between the legal system constitutively express the moral values of reciprocity and respect for autonomy. We should follow these collective judgments, instead of trying to establish our own moral opinions.

For example, during my primary school time, I abide by the rule and moral value for not doing something against the law. Every student must know the basis of the rule of law during school period. These will make us more discipline and more responsible to others student in our school. Not to fight with each other, finish homework early and do not litter rubbish in school area. Teachers at school will guide us to follow a good moral choice that related to the rule of law. Rule of law truly serve to combine the personal moral standards of the majority of the population into universal legal requirements. The view that the law does represent collective moral judgment is certainly appealing.

My secondary school period was crucial time for me. The time to choose what I am really gets into study. My family influences me a lot in making decision. They want me to be independent and responsible person for my better future living. Father always remind me, to be successful person, we must never give up. Hardworking is the key to success. When the time to study, be focus in what teachers share and teach so that we can learn and understand better. For me, hardworking is the hardest process to learn. Friends and peers influence really make my school life full of joy and fun. Study and knowledge at school left behind while enjoy is the most important part in my secondary school at that time.


Ethics is an individual’s personal belief about right and wrong behaviors. Ethics refers to individual personal beliefs about right and wrong behavior. Individual ethics is shaped by a combination of factors such as influences of family these related to principles of morally acceptable conduct of individual ethic. Moral reasoning provides reasons and grounds for determining whether an action is morally right or wrong. Some theorists argue that there is one universal moral standard for everyone (moral absolutism), while others argue that no such standard exists (moral relativism). Some moralists hold that certain actions are wrong in themselves. Others believe that no action can be judged immoral in itself since circumstances and social conditions play the decisive role in determining whether or not a given action is right or wrong.

From this ethics there are factors that form individual ethics. Family influence that is starting to form their ethical standards since their childhood period in response to their perception of their parents behaviors. The factor from peer influence that friends provide a stronger influence on young adults rather than family because of the amount of time spent with friends, and the fact that peer pressure can be one of the strongest influences that a young adult through youth life. Meanwhile, the life experience will shape people’s lives and influences their ethical beliefs and behavior. These events are a part of growing up and maturing. Base on my experience the law is a consistent set of universal rules established to govern social behavior. These rules generally accepted and usually enforced the law as a possible basis for making individual and managerial decisions when one is confronted with an individual ethics. The law also can be used as guide to moral choices. Society established rules reflect the collective choices of members of that society regarding any decisions and actions that affect its welfare. Some changes in the norms, moral value of individual members of society are eventually reflected by changes in the rule of law.

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