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Health and Safety relies on procedures and rules to prevent injury and accidents causing harm or illness to people in the workplace. Although employers are responsible for the health and safety of employees, the employee must also play their part in identifying and mitigating risks.

Health & Safety


Health and Safety Management in Beauty Salons
13th Aug 2021
Introduction: A risk assessment is the process whereby the employer identifies hazards in the workplace and analyses their potential risk in an effort to determine or control the hazard. The employer must inspect the layout of the salon and the work activities undertaken by the staff in order to evaluate the potential risk of harm, accidents, or illness....

Health and Safety Requirements in Nursery Setting
28th Jul 2021
Introduction: Analyse the working practices that need to be in place in the nursery setting to ensure that children are protected. Explain the various health and safety requirements that are necessary for children attending the setting and describe the ways in which these health and safety requirements need to be adopted to cater for the differing age groups....

PETRONAS | Employee Health and Safety Case Study
23rd Feb 2021
Introduction: To ensure the PETRONAS Corporate Policy Statement on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is implemented effectively, a proactive approach must be adopted in promoting Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)....

Health and Safety in the Workplace: Importance
23rd Feb 2021
Introduction: Human resources are one of the most important features of many businesses. A business’ success relies heavily on the effectiveness to which this resource is managed....

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